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How long does a bottle of wine generally last once it's opened 葡萄酒开盖后能保存多久?

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How long does a bottle of wine generally last once it's opened? 葡萄酒开盖后能保存多久?

There are many stuffy rules about wine, from the type of container it should come in to how expensive it should be. One common myth is that a bottle of wine should be fully consumed the same day it's opened. While it's true that vino does start to oxidize the moment the cork comes out, that's no reason to guzzle a liter of it all by yourself, or pour your leftover liquid down the drain. According to Bon Appétit, an open bottle of wine is still good for several days—as long as you know how to store it properly.

从装酒的容器到酒的价格,关于葡萄酒有很多老讲究。一个常见的误解是一瓶葡萄酒必须在开盖的 当天喝完。尽管一开盖酒就会开始氧化,但是没有必要因此独自干掉一整瓶,或者将剩余的葡萄酒 倒进下水道。据美食杂志《好胃口》称,只要储存方法得当,葡萄酒开盖后可以保鲜好几天。

If you pop open a new bottle of cabernet just to have a glass or two, hold onto the cork. Corks have been an important part of the wine-making process for centuries. The material is dense enough to keep liquids fresh without sealing off air altogether. A minimal amount of oxygen allows the flavors of the wine to continue to develop, while too much oxygen creates an acrid, unpleasant taste.

如果你打开一瓶新的赤霞珠红葡萄酒只是为了喝上一两杯,那么不要丢掉木塞。几个世纪以来,木 塞一直是红酒酿造流程的一个重要部分。木塞材质的密度足以在不完全隔绝空气的情况下保持酒的 新鲜。瓶中有少量氧气可以让葡萄酒继续发酵,而氧气过多则会导致葡萄酒变得酸涩,口感不佳。

Once you've finished pouring your wine, squeeze the cork back into the bottle to prevent any more oxygen from reaching the drink. If you've damaged or accidentally tossed out your cork, a bit of plastic wrap with a rubber band, aluminum foil, or a reusable wine bottle stopper will work, too.

一旦你倒完酒,就要立即用木塞密封酒瓶,防止更多氧气进入瓶中酒。如果你损坏或不小心扔掉了 木塞,你可以用橡皮筋和铝箔包住一团保鲜膜作为瓶塞,或者用可重复使用的酒瓶塞。

Storing your opened wine in the fridge limits its exposure to other damaging elements like heat and light. Once it's refrigerated, most red and white wines will last two to five days before their flavors take a turn for the worse. Sparkling wines, however, have about one to three days before they're no longer drinkable, and some natural wines can go bad in a day. The highly tannic red wines available at the supermarket generally last the longest after being opened, with a lifespan of up to seven days.

将开盖后的葡萄酒放在冰箱里,可以减少葡萄酒接触热和光等其他会导致葡萄酒变质的因素。只要 放在冰箱中,大多数红葡萄酒和白葡萄酒都可以保持2到5天不变味。不过,起泡葡萄酒开盖后只有1到3天的保质期,有些天然起泡葡萄酒开盖后一天就变质了。超市卖的高单宁红葡萄酒通常开盖后 保质期是最长的,最多可以保鲜7天。

Because expiration dates vary so greatly between wine varieties, the best way to judge the freshness of what's in your bottle is to give it a taste. Overly oxidized wine doesn't taste great, but drinking a test sip of it won't make you sick. If you'd rather avoid drinking potentially spoiled wine, you can also judge its quality by sight and smell. Wine that's developed a brown tint and/or a vinegary smell has oxidized, meaning it's time to toss it and open a fresh bottle.

由于不同的葡萄酒品种保质期差别很大,判断葡萄酒是否新鲜的最佳方式就是尝一尝。过度氧化的 葡萄酒口感不佳,但是试喝一口不会让你生病。如果你实在不想喝可能变质的葡萄酒,你也可以通 过外观和气味来判断它的品质。颜色转为褐色或散发出酸味的葡萄酒已经氧化了,这说明你该把它 扔掉,再开一瓶新酒了。