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1 INGREDIENT, 3 WAYS 梅丽莎·汤普森使用多功能鸡蛋的想法

2022-04-02 06:10:47 simyang 2

Discover new ways to use this versatile ingredient with Melissa Thompson, including a twist on the classic scotch egg, plus another picnic staple, quiche

Melissa Thompson’s ideas for using versatile eggs

Eggs are in a class of their own: they can complete a meal, perform magic by binding other ingredients together and even provide sustenance all on their own.

I love scotch eggs, and my arancini-inspired version is a brilliant way to use up any leftover risotto (p88).

Egg and prawn mayonnaise is a dish that was introduced to me by an Icelandic student who stayed in our family home when I was little. It sounds simple – and it is – but it’s also delicious, and makes a lovely breakfast or lunch when you need something quick and filling (p90).

My quiche recipe on page 88 celebrates asparagus season – I use crème fraîche to give it a nice tartness, which pairs well with the salty feta.

发现与Melissa Thompson一起使用这种多功能成分的新方法,包括经典苏格兰鸡蛋的扭曲,以及另一种野餐主乳蛋饼


鸡蛋属于自己的一类:它们可以完成一顿饭通过将其他成分结合在一起来施展魔法,甚至可以自己提供食物。我喜欢苏格兰鸡蛋,我的arancini灵感版本是用完任何剩余的烩饭(p88)的绝佳方式。鸡蛋和虾是一道菜,是我小时候住在我们家的一位冰岛学生介绍给我这听起来很简单 - 如此 - 也很美,当你需要一些快速和充实的东西时,它以做一顿可爱的早餐或午餐(p90)。在第88页上的乳蛋饼谱庆祝芦笋季节 - 用鲜油给它一个很好的酸味,与咸羊配得很好。