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Taking photos at home and away 在家和外出拍照 利用您在家的额外时间学习一些新的摄影技巧 - 或教孩子们!

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Taking photos at home and away

Use your extra time at home to pick up some new photography skills – or teach the kids!

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  • 1      Oct 2020

Bored at home? Pick up some new photography skills so you are guaranteed Instagrammable family shots on your next holiday.

For most Aussies, international travel is still a distant reality – border closures and a lack of flights are making any kind of travel trickier at the moment. But this is an opportunity to practice your photography skills so that the next time you hit the road or jump on a plane, your holiday snaps are as ‘grammable as possible. And for kids, this is a great chance to learn something new – and for you to offload the photography duties to a willing assistant!

Rule of thirds

There aren’t any hard and fast rules in photography, but if there’s one to get you started it’s this. Divide your frame into a threeby-three grid, and then try and position important parts of the photo – the subject, the horizon and anything else you really want the viewer to see – on the lines of the grid. Many cameras have an option to superimpose this grid on the frame, making setting your photos up super easy.

Fill the frame

One mistake that beginning photographers – adults and kids alike – often make is leaving too much space around the subject. An easy way to get around this is to get up as close as you can to your subject and literally fill the frame with it. Kids in particular can be hesitant to get too close, so really encourage them to walk right up to whatever they’re photographing.

Take control

If you and your child have already spent some time using a camera – whether it be a pointand-shoot or a more complex DSLR – take some more control over your settings. If you do have a DSLR, start by playing around with shutter priority mode: this allows you to control how long the camera shutter stays open. Long

shutter speeds can yield some great artistic effects, including wispy waterfalls and streaky night skies. Smaller cameras without these modes will often have ‘sport’ and ‘night’ modes that give you some more control. Normally your user manual will have information on what these modes do.

Change your point of view

Most beginner photos are taken at eye level. While obviously this is the easiest way to take photos, getting up high or down low often makes your shots more unique. Kids will love doing this, and you might want to set them a challenge to see how many different perspectives of the same subject they can capture. Send them out into the garden to climb a tree and take some photos, or to get down low and see the world the way a dog or cat might.

Learn to ‘see’

This one’s a little more abstract. Photography is an analytical art form, meaning that you need to make conscious decisions about what to include in the frame. Learning how to make these decisions better is the best way to improve at photography. When you go for a walk with the kids get them to look for patterns. Ask them how they would photograph a unique flower or a particular view. By actually saying these things out loud and explaining exactly why we make these decisions, we’re able to improve our photographic seeing.

外出拍照用您在家额外时间学习一的摄影技- 或子们!

无聊习一的摄影技巧,样您可以保证在下一期中以拍摄Instagram上家庭照片。 对于大多数澳大利亚人来说国际旅行仍然是遥远的现实 - 边境关闭缺乏航班使任何类型的旅行目前变得更加棘手但这是练习摄影技巧的机会这样下次飞机你的假期快照都是尽可能""。于孩子们来说,是一习新西的- 并且您可以把影职责交给一意的手! 摄影没有任何规定但如果可以让你入门那就是这个框架分成网格然后尝试照片的重要部分-主题地平线以及真正希望观看看到的任何其他内容-放置在网格线条多相机都可以选择将此网格叠加在架上而使设置照片变得非常容易。充框新手摄影师无论是成年人还是孩子经常个错误是在拍摄对象周围太多空间解决这个问题简单方法是尽可能靠近你的拍摄对象并用填满框架别是孩子们可能会犹豫是否要太近以真的鼓励他们走到他们正在拍摄的任何东西上

全局如果您您的孩子已经花了时间使用相机 - 无论是傻瓜相机还是更复杂的数码反相机 - 更好地控制您的设置如果您确实有数码反相机使用优先模式这使您可以控制相机保持打开状态的时间速度可以产生很棒的艺术效果包括瀑布条纹没有这些模式小型相机通常会"运动""夜间"模式可以为您提供更多的控制常,的用户手册将含有关这些模式的作用的信息。变你观点大多数初学者照片都是视线水平拍摄的虽然显然是拍摄照片的最简单方法通常会使您的照片更加独特孩子们喜欢这样做你可能给他们挑战看看他们捕捉到主题有多少个不同的视角它们送到花园里爬片,者低来,界。会""这个有点抽象摄影分析艺术形式这意味着您需要有意识地决定框架包含什么学习如何更好地做出这些决定提高摄影水平的最佳方式当你孩子们散步让他们寻找模式问问他们如何拍摄独特的花朵特定的景色通过大声说出这些事情并确地解为什么我们做出这些决定,我能够提高我们的摄影视觉