Upper-Intermediate (B2)


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The diagram compares the different quantities of goods that were transported in the United

Kingdom using four means of transportation from 1974 to 2002.

Overall, the figure for road ranked first throughout the period, while that for pipeline stood last.

All modes experienced rises, except for railways which mainly showed fluctuations.

Road transport initially stood at 70 million tonnes, rising rather steadily until 1992 when it reached

about 80 million. After a sudden surge in 1999, it continued to rise steadily for another 3 years to

reach a high of just below 100 million in 2002.

The figures for water and rail transport remained stable at 40 million from 1974 to 1978, after

which the former rose significantly to about 60 million before dropping slightly in 1999, followed

by another increase to 65 million in 2002. In contrast, the latter fluctuated widely over the rest of

the period, returning to its initial figure in 2002.

Goods transported via pipeline rose gradually in quantity from 5 million in 1974 to just over 20

million in 1995, following which the figure levelled off.

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