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Editor's Greeting - 编者的话

2022-11-17 07:11:35 simyang 4

Greetings! As the heat starts to subside outside, it’s our favourite videogame that’s hotting up! Even as we write this, Mojang is working on the big announcements for the upcoming annual Minecon, and also putting together next year’s Minecraft Legends game. Us? We’ve been building a fairground! Our how-to guide starts in a page or two, and we really want to see what your fairgrounds look like too! Send them over to! This is also the time to start sending us your Christmas builds! We’re back with our next issue on 6th October – get ready for some spooky goings-on, with our annual Halloween edition! No tricks, lots of treats…! ■


问候!随着外面的热量开始消退,我们最喜欢的电子游戏正在升温!即便如此,Mojang 仍在为即将到来的年度 Minecon 发布重大公告,并准备组装明年的 Minecraft Legends 游戏。我们?我们一直在建造一个游乐场!我们的操作指南从一两页开始,我们也非常想看看您的展览场地是什么样的!将它们发送到!这也是开始向我们发送您的圣诞构建作品的时候了!我们将在 10 月 6 日推出下一期 - 准备好迎接我们的年度万圣节版!没有恶作剧,有很多款待......!