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The founding of YSY Education is inspired by the founder's goal of exploring innovative and post-Covid solutions to online teaching of Chinese Mandarin (and English) as a foreign language with well researched approaches and practical experiences in mind.

YSY Education aims to help improve the learning of Mandarin in a way that you find most desirable for your needs. Get a taste of a variety of fun and memory-enhancing activties in our lessons for optimal learning to take place.You will find yourself mastering the Chinese language easily, efficiently, and native-like. Before long, you'll be able to use the increasingly important language effectively for job, for life, and for your own happiness and enjoy splendid cultural actvities in the prosperous country with an extended history of 5000 years.  

Our goal is to help learners cultivate irresistible language interest, promote efficient learning habits, and impart effective study skills and strategies in the course of online learning. Our mission is being to help others to live an even happier life through sharing our knowledge and experiences.

Since the end of 2019, the COVID-19 virus has completely changed the world, the way people live and very importantly, the way we learn. I have since gained a fresh understanding of education: the future of our global education must combine offline with online teaching. A systematic way to deliver online education, though not urgent, will be inevitable. When a crisis like this happens, we cannot wait for the crisis to end before continuing to engage in teaching our next generations. Education to maintain social progress and development cannot afford to wait, and all education projects must be carried out online should new crisis crops up. Therefore, in the post-COVID-19 education era when the world’s learning patterns have changed dramatically, YSY Education keeps pace with the times and focuses on online education, supplemented by offline teaching. Any innovation or development is indispensable to a "nothing else, but more familiar" process, that is, the earlier we start an innovation, the more in-depth search and research we will be able to conduct, so the more experienced and professional approaches we will be able to “employ” to cultivate our learners in the future.

This is how we work, so is how we take online language education seriously.  Online education can break through all the geographical and transportation barriers, and once the teaching and learning guide is set optimally, it will allow more students to learn well with less time and effort. We are so very optimistic about online education with systematic and substantive content, effective teaching strategies and efficient learning guide, accompanied by excellent-way-of-learning examples for students’ reference. The practice of online language teaching through synergizing experiences, exploring new approaches, and taking the initiative to innovate lessons and get feedback from students is what, as a lifelong calling, makes us most passionate!

YSY Education will start running online Mandarin courses and ESOL courses from February 1, 2022 and onwards!

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