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NCEA Chinese Tutoring Program (Pre-NCEA, NCEA L1/L2/L3/Scholarship)

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Welcome to NCEA Chinese Program! (Online Teaching)

This program provides five levels of Chinese courses to match the requirements of NCEA Chinese assessment of different levels in the New Zealand Curriculum. These course levels include pre-NCEA (mainly for students at or below Year 10), NCEA Level 1 (for Year 11 students), NCEA Level 2 (for Year 12 students), NCEA Level 3 (for Year 13 students) and NCEA Chinese Scholarship for talented Chinese learners across Year 11 to 13).     

The study of NCEA Chinese will enable learners to master the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing on many everyday Chinese topics. It not only touches on the Chinese language but also on the Chinese culture, which will help one build friendship, obtain employment or engage in trading in the Chinese environment with ease.

Four unique benefits of studying at YSYE:

Free consultation of how to learn and what you need to learn well.

Free assessment of your current level of Chinese with step-by-step improvement guidance.

Free first lesson for technical arrangement of online teaching, teaching and learning orientation, study plan setup and trial of a lesson.

Free review of learning progress to make sure learners are on track towards what they're aiming to achieve and they understand where they're at.


Tuition of the course has been acknowledged by many learners as very reasonable and it is by negotiation depending on level of course, length per lesson, and preparation time required by the teacher after consultation with learners or their parents (if kids).

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