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Zhanjiang Daily: "Zhanjiang has an English Business Card"

2023-10-07 14:16:37 simyang 3773

Zhanjiang Has an English "Business Card" 《湛江有了英文“名片”》This article was published on the second page of Zhanjiang Daily on January 31, 2004 (本文刊登于2004年1月31日《湛江日报》的第二版) 杨斯毅,一位湛江籍的新西兰留学生,推出了一个推介湛江的英文网站,从此《湛江有了英文“名片”》。“Welcome to the inclusive Simsim Studio...Please feel free to enjoy..."朋友,当你打开网站英文版)冲浪其中时,也许你没想到,这是一位留学新西兰的湛江籍学子杨斯毅的倾心之作。今年春节期间,该网页刚推出,立即得到众多网友的关注。 杨斯毅(英文名"Sim Yang") 现在时素有”南半球的哈佛“之誉的怀卡托大学(Waikato University)管理学系二年级学生,在留学期间,杨斯毅浏览家乡的网站时,看到湛江目前还没有一个英文的宣传网,便想到利用英文网站宣传湛江,鼓励湛江人学习英文。于是他抱着”学习英语,振兴湛江“的愿望,在今年春节回家独家期间,在几位朋友的帮助下,推出了 “Simsim”专业网站,目的一是是该网站成为湛江人学习英语的专业网站,二是籍此以英文推介湛江。 记者:潘茂伟 Siyi Yang, a New Zealand overseas student from Zhanjiang, launched an English website to promote Zhanjiang. Since then, Zhanjiang has an English "business card". "Welcome to the inclusive Simsim Studio... Please feel free to enjoy... " Friends, when you open the website (English version) and surf within, maybe you didn't know, this is the masterpiece of a New Zealand overseas student from Zhanjiang, Siyi Yang. When the website was first launched during this year's Spring Festival, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. Yang Siyi (English name "Sim Yang") is now a second-year management student at the University of Waikato, known as “Harvard University of the Southern Hemisphere”. While studying abroad, Sim was browsing the website of his hometown and saw that Zhanjiang did not yet have an English publicity website, so he came up with the idea of using English websites to promote Zhanjiang and encourage people in Zhanjiang to learn English. Bearing in mind the goal of "Learning English, Reviving Zhanjiang", Sim launched the specialised website with the help of a few friends during the Spring Festival. The aim is to make the website a dedicated one for Zhanjiang people to learn English and promote Zhanjiang in English. Reporter: Weimao Pan