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Free 10 Week Chinese Language Class!@Albany Village Library

2023-10-07 14:18:21 simyang 21511

Welcome to Free 10 Week Chinese Language Class! 

(@ Albany Village Library)

With the Chinese language providing access to the world's largest community, a vibrant culture, diverse culinary delights, and a plethora of enjoyable activities, it has garnered growing popularity among language enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Three unique benefits of studying on this free course

Free consultation of how to learn and what you need to do to learn well.

Free assessment of your current level of Chinese with step-by-step improvement guidance.

Free review of learning progress to make sure learners are on track towards what they're aiming to achieve and they understand where they're at.

No Fees

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Wait no more, and learn about the course and the effect of it on your future!