• 1. 10 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional

    00:01[Music]00:03ten first aid mistakes explained by a00:07professional when someone's in danger of00:10course people rushed to help but even if00:13these good Samaritans mean well and are00:15bei

    2022-01-10 simyang 6

  • 2. How I Memorized EVERYTHING in MEDICAL SCHOOL - (3 Easy TIPS)

    00:00[Music]00:17what is up YouTube today I'm going to00:20teach you guys how to study that's right00:23study and menstrual information comes at00:26you faster than you could ever imagine00:28

    2022-01-10 simyang 3

  • 3. How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

    00:00[Music]00:03so over the last goodness thirty years00:07I've learned one big lesson and that is00:11you are not stuck with the brain you00:13have you can make it better and I can00:17prove it

    2022-01-10 simyang 7

  • 4. 15 Foods That Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk According to Doctors

    00:01[Music]00:05fifteen foods that decrease the risk of00:08heart attack our heart is one of the00:12most important organs but surprisingly00:15we take care of it the least loading it00:18every day w

    2022-01-10 simyang 3

  • 6. How to Tell What is Causing the Numbness in Your Hands

    00:09Hi, folks i'm Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist00:12Together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet. In our opinion of course, Bob. How to tel

    2022-01-10 simyang 2

  • 5. How to Alleviate Hand Numbness and Tingling

    00:00[Music]00:05all right this video we're gonna talk00:07about how to stretch the median nerve or00:10if we're getting any kind of numbness00:11tingling in the hand and oftentimes this00:13l

    2022-01-10 simyang 10

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