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  • a Shoe Full oF Sugar 全糖时尚鞋

    a Shoe Full oF SugarFashion (Canada) 1 Apr 2022native shoes is adding a sweet spring to its step with the reimagined “Juliet” sandal. the updated style of a former fan favourite is made of sugarlite—a

    2022-04-03 simyang 1

  • Shop Around 货比三家

    Shop AroundFashion (Canada) 1 Apr 2022What do you get when a luxury department store joins forces with a trendy consignment boutique? vintage at holts—a new sustainable initiative from holt renfrew th

    2022-04-03 simyang 0

  • Food for Though 发人深思的时尚

    Food for ThoughtFashion (Canada) 1 Apr 2022 Denim release is making of Levi’s its Fresh—a way from colourful your closet collection to your of kitchen jeans, loungewear with the and accessories create

    2022-04-03 simyang 0

  • What will we be wearing in 20 or 30 years 20年或30年后我们将穿什么

    What will we be wearing in 20 or 30 years if we don’t solve the climate crisis?Fashion (Canada) 1 Apr 2022Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-Chief @bernadettemorra letters@fashionmagazine.comThat is the

    2022-04-03 simyang 1

  • Reducing their carbon footprints 减少碳排放

    Clara young explains how jewellery brands, both big and small, are making strides in reducing their carbon footprints.Full disclosure: I’m no longer concerned about climatechange—I’m totally freaked o

    2022-04-03 simyang 0

  • Clothing will need to evolve quickly 服装需要迅速发展

    Fashion and beauty insiders’ predictions for the future if global warming continues to wreak havoc, an inspiring british design project spearheaded by HRH The Prince of wales, how to improve your envi

    2022-04-03 simyang 2

  • Photo Active 照片活动

    Photo ActiveJacky Parker springs into action to shoot flower photography in her back gardenDigital Camera World1 Apr 2022Fresh inspiration on every page – choose from 10 all-new projectsIam a macro fl

    2022-04-03 simyang 0

  • Photo Answers 拍摄问题选答

    Photo AnswersBemused by barrel distortion? Woolly about white balance? Send your technique and camera queries to digitalcamera@futurenet.comDigital Camera World1 Apr 2022Andrew James Andrew is a highl

    2022-04-03 simyang 1

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