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a Shoe Full oF Sugar 全糖时尚鞋

2022-04-03 13:26:05 simyang 1

a Shoe Full oF Sugar

native shoes is adding a sweet spring to its step with the reimagined “Juliet” sandal. the updated style of a former fan favourite is made of sugarlite—a sugar cane-based material created by the canadian brand—which is designed to have a significantly lower greenhouse gas impact than traditional textiles. Available with black and blue footbeds, this is one sugary treat that we have no problem indulging in.

全糖时尚鞋(加拿大)1 4月 2022原生鞋履为重新构想的"朱丽叶"凉鞋增添了甜美的春天。昔日粉丝最爱的更新风格由糖岩制成 - 一种由加拿大品牌创造的甘蔗基材料 - 其设计具有比传统纺织品低得多的温室气体影响。有黑色和蓝色的鞋垫,这是一种含糖的款待,我们没有问题沉迷于此。