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Shop Around 货比三家

2022-04-03 13:20:09 simyang 1

Shop Around


What do you get when a luxury department store joins forces with a trendy consignment boutique? vintage at holts—a new sustainable initiative from holt renfrew that pairs the iconic retail staple with toronto’s northern touch vintage. in a series of regular drops, the partners will curate an assortment of pre-loved items to be featured in select stores and online. expect to see a stockpile of streetwear as the second-hand shop is celebrated for its selection of hoodies and graphic tees.

货比三家(加拿大)1 4月 2022当一家奢侈品百货公司与一家时尚的寄售精品店联手时,你会得到什么?复古在霍尔茨 - 一个新的可持续倡议从霍尔特伦弗鲁,配对标志性的零售主食与多伦多的北方触摸复古。在一系列定期投放中,合作伙伴将策划各种二手商品,在精选商店和网上展示。预计会看到街头服装的库存,因为这家二手店以其连帽衫和图形T恤的选择而闻名。