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Food for Though 发人深思的时尚

2022-04-03 13:17:58 simyang 1

Food for Thought

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Denim release is making of Levi’s its Fresh—a way from colourful your closet collection to your of kitchen jeans, loungewear with the and accessories created using natural dyes from fruits, vegetables and minerals. Inspired by the brand’s Fresh Produce capsule collection from the ’70s, 2022’s more sustainable styles feature novelty tabs that look as if they belong in a grocery aisle. Whether you wear the pastel pieces and their accompanying accoutrements together or separately, there are no bad apples here.

发人深思的东西时尚(加拿大)1 4月 2022牛仔布版本是使 Levi's 其新鲜从丰富多彩的衣柜系列到你的厨房牛仔裤,家居服与使用水果,蔬菜和矿物质的天然染料创造和配件的方式。灵感来自品牌的 新鲜农产品 胶囊系列从 1970 年代, 2022 的更具可持续性的款式的特点是新奇的标签, 看起来好像他们属于一个杂货店过道。无论你是将柔和的单品及其随附的装备一起穿着还是分开佩戴,这里都没有坏苹果。