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THE ART OF INTERIOR DESIGN Designer Fran Hickman shares her joinery wisdom, plans textiles for seating and gives tips for natural flooring trends 室内设计艺术设计师弗兰·希克曼(Fran Hickman)分享了她的细木工智慧,为座椅规划纺织品,并为自然地

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THE ART OF INTERIOR DESIGN Designer Fran Hickman shares her joinery wisdom, plans textiles for seating and gives tips for natural flooring trends

Designer Fran Hickman shares her wisdom on bespoke joinery, upholstered seating and natural flooring

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    FOR US, good joinery is both practical and beautiful. It helps to reinforce the bones of the building and brings personality into a room.

    We design bespoke joinery for all our projects. This is very important as it helps to maximise usable space, and this applies to almost every room. A good recent example is the storage in the bedroom of the young son of a client. He doesn’t need much hanging space so we’ve made a little wardrobe with drawers and a miniature hanging area and we’ve also added three drawers under the bunk bed that we designed.

    It can bring feeling and style to a room in a discreet way. If you’ve got oak on the floor, we’ll often use oak for the joinery, too, because it appears to take up less space and that makes it easy on the eye.

    Joinery doesn’t have to blend in. We recently designed a wardrobe for a client with wonderful wide doors in a reeded walnut, which are quite bold. A jazzy paint colour can take you miles and can be good when budgets are tight.

    When we’ve got slightly higher budgets, we like to line wardrobes in cedar because it’s good for the clothes. I think it keeps them fresh, but it’s also very anti-moth: they hate cedar. Extra budget also allows us to add more details, such as using veneers into the recessed handles of cupboards.

    Joinery demands careful planning. In a bedroom for example, if there are two of you, think about when you get dressed in the morning and where you want your things to be. It could be a little bit frustrating if you haven’t thought it through and you find yourself repeatedly walking across the room. →

    THERE are a number of exciting natural materials that offer solutions for flooring around the home. Poured concrete is something that we are doing more of, and occasionally cork too, but we are still choosing a lot of timber floors with rugs. I also use a lot of natural fibres, such as hessian and rush.

    I really enjoy designing rugs. At the moment, we’re making beautiful mohair rugs. I call them ‘troll rugs’ because of the long goat hair! Those are great in bedrooms and we create them in a variety of colours. I also work on a lot of custom rugs with Christopher Farr.

    A lot of the companies that we use are experts in what they do. And so if you go to them with an idea for flooring, and if you have the time and are interested in being part of the process, they will be delighted to help you.

    Stone is one of my favourite things, and I especially enjoy visiting stone yards. They’re extraordinary places and the slabs are like works of art. We often use stone for areas such as hallways, because it helps create a feeling of grandeur in a home.

    室内设计艺术设计师弗兰·克曼(Fran Hickman)分享了她的智慧座椅规划纺织品并为自然地板趋势提供了提示

    计师弗兰·Fran Hickman)分享了她在定制细木工椅和然地板方面的智Homes & Gardens1 4 2022制件大限度地利用空间和择定对于我们来说好的实用助于加强建筑物的将个入房间。我们为所有项目设计定制非常重要因为它有助于最大化可用空间几乎适用于每个房间最近的个很好的例子客户儿子卧室里的空间需要太多的悬挂空间,以我们做了一小衣柜和型悬挂区们还在我们设计的双层床下加了三它可以谨慎的方式房间带来感觉风格果你的地板上有橡们也经常使用橡为细品,为它似乎占用的空间更少,使得它容易看到。不必融入其中我们最近客户设计衣柜里面有非常大胆士乐的漆颜色可以带里,算紧张时可以很好。当我们预算我们喜欢排列衣柜因为它衣服有好处我认为这让他们保持新鲜但它也非常他们讨厌外的预算还使我们能够添加更多细节,如在柄中使用贴需要仔细规划例如卧室如果有你们个人想想早上什么时候穿衣服以及你想要的东西在哪里如果你没有清楚你可能会有点沮丧发现自己反复走过房间有许多令人兴奋的天然材料可以为房屋周围的地板提供解决方案混凝土是我们正在做更多的事情偶尔也是我们仍然选择很多地毯木地板也使用很多天然纤维,什。我真的很喜欢设计地毯目前我们正在制作漂亮的地毯它们"地毯",因为山羊这些卧室很棒我们各种颜色创造它们还和里斯托弗·尔(Christopher Farr)一作了很多定制地毯。我们使用的许多公司都是他们所工作的专家此,果您带着地板的想法去找他们,果您有时间并且有兴趣成为该过程的分,们将很乐意为您提供帮助。石头我最喜欢的东西特别喜欢参观它们是非凡的地方就像艺术品们经常在廊等域使用石头,为它有助于在家中营伟的感觉。