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2022-04-03 12:48:47 simyang 0

Photo Active

Jacky Parker springs into action to shoot flower photography in her back garden

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Iam a macro flower photographer based in Sway on the edge of the New Forest. I found my passion for macro flower photography while studying for a degree in horticulture in 2005.

Having been married to a professional press photographer, I was able to draw on his knowledge of the technical aspects of photography. Through nurturing this expertise, I now have an innate eye for composition and an appreciation of the natural world. Nature and flowers inspire me greatly, with an endless supply of colour and texture in the garden, which bring a fresh opportunity each day. My garden revolves around my love of photography, with many plants grown in pots that I’m able to move around and place where the light is best, always trying to avoid harsh sunlight and shadows.

My approach is casual, shooting handheld with minimal equipment.

I’ll often shoot through foliage and other flowers to add depth to the image, creating a dreamlike effect. I use Photoshop to add additional layers and textures to my images, making sure that I keep the effect subtle so that the flower remains the point of focus.


杰基·帕克(Jacky Parker)开始行动,在她的后花园拍摄花卉摄影数码相机世界1 4月 2022每个页面上都有新鲜灵感 - 从10个全新项目中进行选择我是一名微距花卉摄影师,常驻新森林边缘的斯威。我在2005年攻读园艺学位时发现了我对微距花卉摄影的热情。我嫁给了一位专业的新闻摄影师,我能够利用他对摄影技术方面的知识。通过培养这种专业知识,我现在对构图有了与生俱来的眼光和对自然世界的欣赏。大自然和鲜花极大地激励着我,花园里有无尽的色彩和质地,每天都带来新鲜的机会。我的花园围绕着我对摄影的热爱,许多植物生长在花盆中,我能够四处走动,并放置在光线最好的地方,总是试图避免刺眼的阳光和阴影。我的方法是休闲的,用最少的设备手持拍摄。我经常会拍摄树叶和其他花朵,以增加图像的深度,创造出梦幻般的效果。我使用Photoshop为我的图像添加额外的图层和纹理,确保我保持微妙的效果,以便花朵仍然是焦点。