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用作名词 (n.)


  • appreciate an act of kindness 感激仁慈行为

  • commit a rash act 轻举妄动

  • commit an act of war against 对…采取战争行动

  • commend an act of charity 称赞慈善行为

  • do another noble act 做另一件高尚的事

  • do many acts of kindness 做许多善事

  • do wrongful acts 为非作歹

  • get into the act 插手,参与,参加

  • have no act in 没有参与

  • pass an act 通过法案,使法案成立

  • perform a plucky act 作出勇敢的举动

  • play the baby act 作出幼稚的举动

  • practise an act 练习一个动作

  • praise an act of charity 颂扬善行

  • put on an act 装模作样


  • aggressive act 侵略行径

  • amendable act 修正法

  • amusing act 有趣的表演

  • arbitrary act 独断专行

  • atrocious act 粗暴的行为

  • authenticated act 决议书; 认证的协议

  • barbaric act 野蛮行径

  • barbarous act 野蛮行径

  • beneficent act 慈善之举

  • benevolent act 仁慈的举动

  • brave act 勇敢的行为

  • brutal act 兽行

  • childish act 幼稚的举动

  • churlish act 粗暴的举动

  • cogitative act 深思熟虑的举动

  • compromising act 妥协方案

  • compulsive act 冲动的行为

  • conscientious act 谨慎认真的举动

  • conspicuous act 惹人注目的行为

  • courageous act 勇敢的行为

  • covert act 隐蔽的行动

  • cowardly act 怯懦的行为

  • craven act 怯懦的行为

  • creative act 创造性之举

  • criminal act 犯罪行为

  • crowning act 至高无上的行为

  • cruel act 残忍的行为

  • daring act 大胆的行动

  • dastardly act 卑劣的行为

  • dauntless act 大无畏的行动

  • decisive act 断然行动

  • defensible act 防御行动

  • derisive act 幼稚可笑的举动

  • detestable act 可恶的行为

  • disadvantageous act 不利的举动

  • disdainful act 轻蔑的举动

  • disgraceful act 不光彩的行为

  • dishonorable act 无耻的行为

  • disinterested act 无偏见的行为

  • dreaded act 令人畏惧的行动

  • egotistic act 自私的行为

  • energetic act 精力旺盛的行为

  • exasperating act 令人恼怒的举动

  • expressive act 富于表情的表演

  • ferocious act 野蛮的举动

  • foolhardy act 鲁莽的举动

  • foolish act 愚蠢的行为

  • generous act 慷慨之举

  • governmental act 政府的法案

  • graceful act 优雅的举止

  • gracious act 恩惠

  • hardy act 鲁莽行为,大胆行动

  • hazardous act 冒险行动

  • heroic act 英雄行为

  • high-handed act 高压手段

  • horrific act 可怕的行动

  • hostile act 敌对行动

  • human act 人道的行为

  • ignoble act 卑鄙行为

  • ignominious act 不光彩的行为

  • illegal act 不法行为

  • illicit act 违法行动

  • illogical act 不合逻辑的行动

  • impolitic act 失策之举

  • imposing act 给人深刻印象的举动

  • impudent act 厚颜无耻的行为

  • incongruous act 自相矛盾的举动

  • incriminating act 连累别人的行为

  • indecent act 下流的行为

  • indiscreet act 轻率的行为

  • inexpiable act 不能抵偿的罪过,不能赎的罪

  • infamous act 伤风败俗的行为

  • inopportune act 不合时宜的举动

  • instinctive act 本能的行为

  • irrevocable act 不可改变的行动

  • judicial acts 司法条例

  • juridical act 法律行为

  • kind act 善举

  • laudable act 值得赞许的行为

  • laughable act 可笑的行为

  • lawless act 违法行为

  • loathsome act 令人讨厌的行为

  • lugubrious act 故意装出的悲哀举动

  • mean act 卑鄙的行为

  • meritorious act 值得称赞的行为

  • militant act 好战行为

  • mischievous act 恶作剧

  • monstrous act 可怕的行为

  • mutinous act 变节行为,叛变的行为

  • needless act 多余的行为

  • noble act 高尚的行为

  • offensive act 进攻行动

  • official act 正式条文,官气十足的举动

  • oppressive act 暴虐行为

  • overbold act 鲁莽的行动

  • overt act 公开的行动

  • questionable act 可疑的行为

  • rash act 贸然行动,轻率的行动

  • reprehensible act 应受谴责的行为

  • ritualistic act 遵守仪式的行为

  • ruthless act 冷酷的行为

  • salutary act 健康的行为

  • selfish act 自私的行为

  • self-confident act 自信的举动

  • servile act 奴性的举动

  • sexual act 性行为

  • shameful act 可耻的行为

  • specific act 特殊的行动

  • sublime act 英勇的行为,崇高的行为

  • superfluous act 多余的行为

  • suspicious act 可疑的行为

  • symptomatic act 有征候的病情

  • the land-lease act 租借法案

  • thoughtful act 体贴的行为

  • thoughtless act 轻率的举动

  • touching act 动人的一幕

  • unauthorized act 越权行为

  • unconstitutional act 违反宪法的行为

  • unfair act 不公正的行为

  • unfeeling act 冷酷的行为

  • unfortunate act 使人遗憾的行为

  • ungallant act 怯懦的行为

  • unknown act 未被发觉的行动

  • unpopular act 不得人心的举动

  • unremembered act 忘却了的行动

  • unspeakable act 不能以言语表达的行为

  • unwarrantable act 不正当的行为

  • unwise act 不明智的行为

  • valiant act 英勇之举

  • violent act 狂暴行动

  • virtuous act 善良的行动,有功德的事

  • voluntary act 自发行动,自愿行为

  • vulturous act 贪婪的行为

  • well-justified act 充分证明为正当的行动

  • well-planned act 周密计划的行动

  • wicked act 邪恶的行径

  • wilful act 固执行为


  • comedy act 喜剧短节目

  • dance act 舞蹈短节目

  • emergency act 紧急法案

  • juggling act 杂耍短节目

  • the National Insurance act 国家保险法

  • the Security A- 社会安全条例

  • the Social Security A- 社会保险条例

  • trapeze act 高空秋千短节目


  • between act 幕间

  • a play in five acts 一出5幕的戏

  • in the act 当场,正在动作时

  • in the (very) act of 正在…时,当场,在行动过程中

  • under act 根据法令


  • act of … 的行为

  • act of a play 戏剧的一幕

  • act of aggression 侵略的行为

  • act of audacity 大胆的举动

  • act of bravery 勇敢的行为

  • A- of bankruptcy 破产法

  • act of charity 慈善行为

  • act of clemency 宽厚的行为

  • A- of Congress 国会法案

  • act of disposition 处分行为

  • act of execution 执行行为

  • act of faith 考验信仰力量的行为

  • act of God 天灾,不可抗力

  • A- of Grace 大赦令

  • act of grace 恩惠

  • act of hostility 敌对行为

  • act of insulting nature 侮辱性的行为

  • act of justice 正义的行为

  • act of kindness 慈善行为

  • act of law 法律条例

  • act of love 友好行为

  • act of madness 疯狂行为

  • act of Parliament 〈英〉议院的法令

  • act of politeness 彬彬有礼的行为

  • act of retaliation 报复的行为

  • act of terrorism 恐怖行为

  • act of thoughtfulness 考虑周到的行动

  • act without thought 贸然行事

用作动词 (v.)


  • act the ass 当蠢人

  • act the experienced man 阅历丰富的人

  • act the fool 装傻子

  • act the idiot 装白痴

  • act the lord 装阔

  • act the part of Othello 扮演奥赛罗

  • act a play 演戏

  • act Shakespeare's play 上演莎士比亚戏剧


  • act advisably 明智地行动

  • act arbitrarily 一意孤行

  • act badly 表现不好

  • act bravely 表现得英勇

  • act cautiously 谨慎地行动

  • act contemptibly 行动卑鄙

  • act corrosively 起腐蚀作用

  • act cowardly in a battle 在战斗中表现怯懦

  • act craftily 行动狡猾

  • act dastardly 行动卑怯

  • act decisively〔manly〕 行动果断

  • act deliberately 行动审慎

  • act diplomatically 机巧地行事

  • act disloyally to 对…行为不忠

  • act foolishly 干得很愚蠢

  • act generously 表现很慷慨

  • act half-heartedly 做事不认真,马虎地行事

  • act hastily 仓促地行事

  • act ignobly 行为可耻

  • act immediately 立即行动

  • act indiscreetly 做事轻率

  • act judiciously 行动审慎

  • act nobly 行为高尚

  • act precipitately 行动鲁莽

  • act promptly 立即行动

  • act prudently 行动审慎

  • act rashly 轻举妄动

  • act responsibly 负责任地行事

  • act rightly 做得对,行为正当

  • act selfishly 自私地行动,表现自私

  • act sensibly 明智地行动,表现明智

  • act squarely and above-board 做事光明正大,正大光明地干

  • act unadvisedly 行动欠考虑

  • act unexpectedly 出乎意外地行动

  • act unwisely 不明智地行动

  • act vigorously 采取有力行动

  • act warily 谨慎地行动

  • act out 扮演,以动作表达

  • act out the story of the three bears 表演三只熊的故事

  • act out one's troubled feelings 表达出不安的心情

  • act up (机器)出毛病,(病情)复发


  • act according to 按照…行动

  • act according to one's conscience 凭良心办事

  • act against advice 不按忠告行事

  • act against one's interest 违反自己的兴趣行事

  • act against order 违抗命令

  • act against rules 违反规则

  • act against the will of sb 违反某人的意志行事

  • act as 起…作用,扮演,充当

  • act as a buffer against... 作为对付…缓冲物

  • act as a conductor 担任指挥

  • act as a receptionist 当接待员

  • act as a spy 充当间谍

  • act as barrier 作为障碍

  • act as chairman 当主席

  • act as go-between 作为中间人

  • act as guide 做向导

  • act as an umpire 任裁判员,任公断人

  • act for 代理,代表…

  • act for one's interests 做有利于自己之事

  • act from a reason to oneself 出于个人考虑而行事

  • act from a sense of duty 凭责任感行事

  • act from jealousy 出于妒忌行事

  • act from caprice 做事任性

  • act from high or low motives 由于高尚或卑鄙的动机而行事

  • act from impulse 凭一时冲动行事

  • act from instinct 出于本能行事

  • act in cold blood 采取冷酷无情的行动; 冷静地采取行动

  • act in collusion 一致行动

  • act in concert with 与…一致行动

  • act in contravention of 违反

  • act in coordination 配合行动

  • act in good faith 做事清白

  • act in self-defence 自卫行动

  • act in unison 与…一致行动

  • act like 行为像…,表现得像…

  • act like a wet blanket 行动使人扫兴

  • act like an ostrich 采取鸵鸟政策

  • act like one man 像一个人一样一致行动; 齐心协力

  • act on〔upon〕 按…行事

  • act on a previously-determined plan 按既定计划办

  • act on a sudden impulse 凭一时心血来潮而行事

  • act on faith 根据信仰行事

  • act on impulse 凭一时冲动行事

  • act on information received 根据所得到的情报采取行动

  • act on mistaken orders 按错误的命令办事

  • act on nervous instinct 凭神经性的本能行事

  • act on one's knowledge of 根据自己对…的认识行事

  • act on one's principles 根据原则行事

  • act on previously-determined policy 按既定政策办

  • act on sb's advice 按照某人的指点行事

  • act on sb's behalf 代表某人行事

  • act on sb's request 按照某人的要求行事

  • act on the emotions of sb 在某人情绪影响之下行事

  • act on the idea 按照这个意见行动

  • act on the spirits of 发扬…精神

  • act on the suggestions made by... 根据…的建议办事

  • act on wrong views 按错误的观点办事

  • act out of kindness 行动出于善行

  • act out of pity 出于同情而做

  • act out of spleen 出于愤恨而行动

  • act through sb 通过(谁)而行事

  • act to the best of my judgement 竭力按照我的判断行事

  • act under 在…情况下行动

  • act under compulsion 被迫去做

  • act up 表现不好; 行为不良; (机器)出毛病; 作弄; 开玩笑; (旧病)复发; 恶化

  • act up to one's ideal 遵照某人的理想办事

  • act up to promise 履行诺言

  • act up to one's reputation 做符合某人声望的事

  • act with extreme caution 极其谨慎地行事

  • act with great composure 泰然自若地行事

  • act with the most perfect sense 极为通情达理地行事

  • act with vigour 办事精力充沛

  • act without any thought of the consequence 做事不考虑后果

  • act without a plan 盲目行事,胡搞,胡来

  • act without thinking 轻率行事

用作名词 (n.)
  • act of God

    1. 天灾,不可抗力(如风暴、洪水、地震) an event caused by natural forces beyond human control, such as a storm, a flood or an earthquake

  • be an impossible〔hard〕 act

    1. 令人望而兴叹,令人难以企及 used in order to say that the way sb has done sth is so successful or impressive that it will be difficult for the next person, team, etc. who does it to be as good

  • be〔get〕 in on the act

    1. 〈非正〉参与,插一手 be〔become〕 involved in an activity that sb else has started, especially to get sth for yourself

  • in the act

    1. 正要做(某事); 当场 while doing, at the moment of doing

    2. in the act

      It happened in the act, not before or after.


      A criminal was caught in the act.


      He denies all guilt, even though he was caught in the act.


      in the act of v-ing

      In the act of taking a bath,I heard a knock at the door.


      I was in the act of shooting him when I suddenly recognized him.


      She stopped in the act of turning and stared at me.


      I caught him in the act of reading my private letters.


      I photographed them in the act of stealing my car.


      The farmer caught the boys in the act of stealing of his apples.


      He was caught in the act of breaking into the house.


  • put on an act

    1. 装模作样 behave in an insincere manner

  • get one's act together

    1. 〈非正〉协同一致begin to work together in an effective way

用作动词 (v.)
  • act against( v.+prep. )

    1. 违反 be against

    2. act against sth 〓

      I acted against your advice.


      They acted against the discipline of their school.


  • act as( v.+prep. )

    1. 充当 fulfill the post of sth

    2. act as sb/sth

      A copper wire acts as a conductor.


      I'll act as an interpreter for American tourists.


      Sometimes they acted as referees.


      He acted as secretary to the board.


      A trained dog can act as a guide to a blind person.


      Classroom testing most certainly acts as a stimulus to study.


      The drugs act as a brake on the spread of the disease.


      This kind of tea acts as an aid to digestion.


      You speak Greek—will you act as interpreter?


  • act for( v.+prep. )

    1. 代表…行事 to be employed to deal with sb's affairs for them, for example by representing them in a court of law

    2. act for sb

      A solicitor acts for his clients.


      Lawyers acting for the family will issue a statement this morning.


      His lawyer acted for him; he did not appear in court himself.


      He asked me to act for him at the meeting.


      Please act for me during my absence.


      Will you please act for me in the matter?


  • act on〔upon〕( v.+prep. )

    1. (立即)行动(尤指处理紧急情况)do sth immediately, especially in order to deal with an urgent problem

  • act out( v.+adv. )

    1. (用言辞或行动)将(想法或情感)表达出来 express your thoughts or behaviour

  • act to( v.+prep. )

    1. 对待 treat to

    2. act to sb

      He acts kindly to old people and children.


      She was wondering how to act to her superior.


      Indeed, she acted like a mother to us.


  • act up( v.+adv. )

    1. 作出适当反应 respond appropriately

  • act up to( v.+adv.+prep. )

    1. 实行,履行,遵守 put into practice; behave in such a way that one's actions are in accord with expectations, a promise, one's reputation, etc.

    2. act up to sth

      He always acted up to the principle he set for himself.


      I hope that he will act up to his promise.


      You must act up to the contract between us.


      What you say means very little unless you act up to it.


  • act up with( v.+adv.+prep. )

    1. 对…无礼 behave in an unruly or capricious manner with sb

    2. act up with sb

      The boy often acts up with his mother when she keeps him from smoking.


      The young herdsman briskly mounted a horse that was inclined to act up with an unaccustomed rider.


      The lad is fond of acting up with him.


  • act a part

    1. 具有…功能 have a natural or usual duty

  • act the fool

    1. 装疯卖傻; 瞎胡闹play the fool