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How To Eat Better, Not Less



Prohibitive, monotonous plans might work in the short-term, but they’re not a year-long strategy. Instead of obsessing over what you shouldn’t be eating, think about loading up on the fare that makes you feel good. To that end, we’re serving up a month’s worth of smart nutrition tips from the latest science and most toothsome cookbooks. Napkins at the ready

01\ Fill Up On Antioxidants With Cauli Tacos

Everyone loves tacos. These ones are also stuffed with illness-fighting phytonutrients. Blitz a head of cauliflower florets (chopped) in a food processor till pebbled. In a bowl, mix with 3 tbsp oil, 3½ tsp chilli powder and salt to taste. Divide between two baking trays. Roast in a 200°C oven till browned, 20 to 30 mins, rotating the trays halfway. Serve with warm taco shells, lettuce and grated cheese.

Big Little Recipes by Emma Laperruque

02\ Score Your Six A Day

Think you eat plenty of fruit and veg? Work in one more portion. People who ate the most plant-based foods had a 9% lower risk of getting Covid than people who ate the least, a 2021 Gut study found. Not sure where to start? Try the next few tips.

03\ Hate Lettuce? Cook It

In an oiled pan on a high heat, add the leaves of ½ head of iceberg lettuce. Toss; add a garlic clove (sliced), bird’s eye chilli (minced), a dash of soya sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, black pepper and a handful of toasted sesame seeds.

Cook till charred and serve. Cooking At Home by David Chang and Priya Krishna

04\ Macro-Dose Your Greens

Pour a whole bag of spinach into a large, oiled wok over a medium-high heat. Cook till wilted, about 2 mins. Season to taste with salt, pepper and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Serve with your choice of protein.

09-13\ Build Your Fibre Powder

Only 5% of men get their recommended 30g of the gut-filling nutrient daily. Here are five easy snacks that’ll help you eat at least 5g.

05\ Know Your Onions

They’re a top source of immunity-boosting antioxidants, but not easy on your eyes. If chopping them leaves you a blubbering mess, close your mouth. You’ll be fine if you’re not inhaling gulps of onion-tinged air.

06\ Or Just Roast Those Onions Whole

Slice the top inch off the tips of 4 onions and set on a baking tray sprinkled liberally with sea salt. Mound the salt around the base of the onions. Drizzle each with ½ tbsp olive oil and roast in a 180°C oven till tender, about 4 hrs. Remove, allow to cool, peel off the burned bits, douse with more olive oil and lemon juice, and serve. Food IQ by Daniel Holzman and Matt Rodbard

07\ Grow Your Own

If you’re bored of the button mushrooms at your local supermarket, try an Urban Farm-It kit, which helps you grow oyster mushrooms at home in as little as three weeks. Throw the results in a stir-fry or omelette.

08\ Against The Wals?

Walnuts aren’t boring – not if you know what to do with them. Add a handful to your shake. The nuts are hearthealthy and contain natural oils that make your smoothie smoother, says MH nutrition adviser Dr Chris Mohr.

Eat Better, Not Less

14\ Get Some Mushroom Magic

People who regularly ate mushrooms were less likely to have depression than those who ate none, according to a 2021 study*. The key to cooking any mushroom: use a large, hot, oiled pan and cook a big handful at a time, stirring only once or twice, till deeply browned. Add salt at the very end.

15\ Harness PUFA Power

A 2019 study* found that for every 5g of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) people ate daily, their risk of lung cancer dropped by 5%. HighPUFA foods include walnuts, sunflower seeds and salmon.

16\ Eat The (Rest Of The) Rainbow

Greens are great, but people who regularly ate from the full colour spectrum – strawberries, blueberries, oranges, peppers, apples – had a 20% lower risk of cognitive decline compared with those who ate fewer, a 2021 Neurology study found.

17\ Fruit-ify Your Salad

This recipe hits that sweet spot on the colour scale.

On a baking tray, roast 115g salami (chopped and sliced) in a 200°C oven till crisped, 10 to 20 mins. In a bowl, add a ripe cantaloupe (chopped), 80g pickled chilli (sliced), 60ml of their brine and

90g pitted oil-cured olives (chopped). Top with the salami. Big Little Recipes

18-22\ A Smarter Way To Add Flavour

Westerners now get roughly half of their calories from stuff like fast food, sweets and salty snacks. Because, well, they’re moreish. Fight back with these more healthful taste-enhancers.

i. Cumin seeds

They bring smokiness and savouriness. Bloom seeds in hot oil as a base for curries and chilli.

ii. Chaat masala

It’s tangy, funky and fruity. Try it on fruit, on boiled potatoes or with almond butter on toast. iii. Asafoetida

When cooked in fat, it adds a pungent, savoury taste. A dash supercharges the flavour of onions and garlic. iv. Furikake

It’s a Japanese mix packed with dried fish, seaweed, sugar, salt and sesame seeds. Try it on top of rice.

v. Szechuan peppercorns

They’re spicy, in a numbing way, and fantastic sprinkled on cubed cucumbers.

23\ Upgrade Your Blender

For soups, sauces, smoothies or purees, your veg can’t do better than the Ninja 2-in-1, according to Men’s Health tests. Its Auto-IQ tech offers a handy three preset programmes to tick off most needs. It’s easy to clean, too.

24\ Power Up Your Microwave

Ban ‘I don’t have time to cook’. In a large glass bowl, microwave 450g of boneless, skinless chicken thighs,

8 to 10 mins. In a pan, cook some onion and garlic in oil, 1 min. Add 2 strips of bacon (chopped); cook till crisp, 3 to 5 mins. Add a big handful of spinach and the thighs (cut into pieces) and cook, 5 mins. Cooking At Home

25 \White Fish Is Also A Great Source Of Lean Protein

It’s not just chicken breast. An easy recipe: in a shallow bowl, stir 60ml white miso, 40ml mirin, 30ml sake and 50g packed light brown sugar. Add 2 (170g) frozen cod fillets; turn to coat. Refrigerate for 12 hrs. Pop the fish on a parchment-lined baking tray, spoon some marinade on top and grill, 5 mins. Food IQ

26\ Rethink What ‘Counts’ As A Serving Of Fruit Or Vegetables

Work in these options, suggests Dr Mohr: 90g olives, 110g salsa, 110g tomato sauce, 1 glass vegetable juice, handful of raisins.

27\ If You’re Thinking ‘Salmon Again?’

Try salmon porchetta. Season 2 skin-on salmon fillets with salt. Mix ¼ tsp black pepper, ¼ tsp crushed fennel seeds, 1 garlic clove (minced), 1 tsp chopped rosemary, the zest of 1 lemon and 2 tbsp olive oil. Add the fish, skin side down, to a large, hot, oiled pan and top with the mix. Grill till juicy, about 6 mins.

Food IQ

28\ Hit The Sauce

It’s a low-calorie way to add flavour. Here’s David Chang’s favourite savoury mix: in a bowl, add a glug of soya sauce, plus a sweetener (sugar, agave syrup, honey), a pureed apple (or some pineapple juice), a drizzle of toasted sesame oil, a few garlic cloves (minced), some ginger powder and black pepper. Add salt if needed, then the meat, and get cooking. Cooking At Home

29\ Here Comes The Sun

Not sure what to do with sunflower seeds? Roast with oil, salt and seasoning (brown sugar, chilli, cumin and cinnamon) and eat as a snack – or a topper for soups, salads and noodles.

30\ Don’t Forget To Enjoy Your Food

For Dr Mohr, that means a purposeful weekly trip to the doughnut shop with his daughters and home-made pizza every Friday night. ‘I don’t have “cheat meals”. While my diet is healthy, it isn’t devoid of joy, either.’




01\ 用花椰菜炸玉米饼填充抗氧化剂

每个人都喜欢炸玉米饼。这些也塞满了抗病植物营养素。在食品加工机中闪电一头花椰菜小花(切碎),直到鹅卵石。在碗中,与 3 汤匙油、31/2 茶匙辣椒粉和盐混合调味。在两个烤盘之间分开。在200°C的烤箱中烤至焦黄,20至30分钟,将托盘旋转一半。与温暖的炸玉米饼壳、生菜和磨碎的奶酪一起食用。

Big Little Recipes by Emma Laperruque

02\ 每天打分 6 分


03\ 讨厌生菜?烹饪


煮至烧焦即可食用。Cooking At Home by David Chang 和 Priya Krishna

04\ 宏观剂量你的绿色蔬菜


09-13\ 打造您的纤维粉末


05\ 了解你的洋葱



将顶部从4个洋葱的尖端切成一英寸,放在撒上海盐的烤盘上。将盐堆放在洋葱的基部周围。淋上1/2汤匙橄榄油,在180°C的烤箱中烤至变软,约4小时。取出,让其冷却,剥去烧焦的部分,浇上更多的橄榄油和柠檬汁,然后食用。Food IQ by Daniel Holzman 和 Matt Rodbard

07\ 发展你自己的

如果你厌倦了当地超市的纽扣蘑菇,试试Urban Farm-It套件,它可以帮助你在短短三周内在家里种植牡蛎蘑菇。将结果放入炒菜或煎蛋卷中。

08\ 反对瓦尔斯?

核桃并不无聊 - 如果你知道如何处理它们,就不行了。在奶昔中加入一把。坚果有益心脏健康,含有天然油,使您的冰沙更光滑,MH营养顾问Chris Mohr博士说。


14\ 获得一些蘑菇魔法


15\ 线束普法电源


16\ 吃(其余)彩虹

2021年的一项神经病学研究发现,绿色蔬菜很棒,但经常吃全色谱的人 - 草莓,蓝莓,橙子,辣椒,苹果 - 与那些吃得少的人相比,认知能力下降的风险降低了20%。

17\ 水果-番茄沙拉




18-22\ 更智能的增添风味


i. 孜然种子


ii. 夏特·马萨拉

它浓郁,时髦和果味。尝试在水果,煮土豆或吐司上加杏仁黄油。iii. Asafoetida



v. 四川胡椒


23\ 升级您的搅拌机


24\ 打开微波炉电源


8 至 10 分钟在平底锅中,在油中煮一些洋葱和大蒜,1分钟。加入2条培根(切碎);煮至酥脆,3至5分钟。加入一大把菠菜和大腿(切成小块),煮5分钟。在家做饭

25 白鱼也是瘦肉蛋白的重要来源

这不仅仅是鸡胸肉。简单的食谱:在一个浅碗中,搅拌60毫升白味噌,40毫升味醂,30毫升清酒和50克包装的淡红糖。加入2(170克)冷冻鳕鱼片;转向外套。冷藏 12 小时。将鱼放在羊皮纸衬里的烤盘上,在上面舀一些腌料,然后烤5分钟。食品智商

26\ 重新思考什么"算作"一份水果或蔬菜


27\ 如果你在想'鲑鱼又来了?

试试鲑鱼门廊。第 2 季带皮鲑鱼片加盐。将 1/4 茶匙黑胡椒粉、1/4 茶匙碎茴香籽、1 瓣大蒜(切碎)、1 茶匙切碎的迷迭香、1 个柠檬皮和 2 汤匙橄榄油混合。将鱼皮面朝下加入一个大的、热的、上油的平底锅中,上面放上混合物。烤至多汁,约6分钟。


28\ 击中酱汁

这是一种低热量的添加风味的方式。这是David Chang最喜欢的咸味混合物:在碗中加入一大杯酱油,加上甜味剂(糖,龙舌兰糖浆,蜂蜜),苹果泥(或一些菠萝汁),一点烤芝麻油,几瓣大蒜(切碎),一些姜粉和黑胡椒。如果需要,加盐,然后加入肉,然后煮熟。在家做饭

29\ 太阳来了


30\ 别忘了享用美食