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Chinese Food Conquers the World 中国美食征服世界

2022-04-01 12:32:52 simyang 1

China is known as the great big old country with the history of more than five thousand years. When foreigners talk about China, they first think about the food. The food in different areas has different flavors. Chinese food is conquering the world.

A netizen published funny things about his foreign friend. The friend decided to come back the UK, because he got tired of taking so much time on the way to the work office in China, but a few days later, he came back because he missed Chinese food. He couldn’t bear the food in his country. Then more and more people shared funny things about how their foreign friends are crazy about Chinese food. The impressive one is that a foreigner decided to take 5 years to taste all kinds of food. But when the time ended, he was still stuck in Sichuan.

The various kinds of food is the presentation of Chinese profound culture. Different areas have their features and reflect the heritage of the ancestors. We are so proud of Chinese culture and hope it won’t be forgotten.