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The Suicide Squad; No Time to Die; Candyman; The Last Duel; The Card Counter.

Blurring the line between sequel, reboot, and remake, The Suicide Squad fairly leaps off the screen with something too often conspicuously absent from the DC Cinematic Universe: a sense of fun. Written and directed by James Gunn after his famous firing from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series (and before he was rehired), The Suicide Squad gleefully embraces excess in every way imaginable. It’s rated R for its gore, language, and nudity, yet seldom misses an opportunity to pause and appreciate the absurdity of it all—a drastic tonal shift from its joyless 2016 predecessor, simply titled “Suicide Squad.”

Once again, bottom-of-the-barrel bad guys and gals are recruited for a long-odds mission in exchange for time shaved off their prison sentences. Now they’re headed to the South American nation of Corto Maltese to destroy a top-secret installation housing the mysterious Project Starfish, but boss Amanda Waller (Oscar winner Viola Davis) isn’t giving her team the whole story. Idris Elba stars as Bloodsport, a.k.a. definitely-not-will-smith’s-deadshot-from-the-last- Squad, although the similarities are staggering. He’s the reluctant leader of a strike force that also counts mistress of rodents Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior), the murderously patriotic Peacemaker (John Cena), and psychotic psychiatrist Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) among its numbers. Let the bonding, betrayal, and mayhem begin!

The Suicide Squad is presented at a curious 1.9:1 aspect ratio that utilizes black bars at the top and bottom which are noticeably thicker what you see with the more common 1.85:1 cinema standard. Captured digitally and finished at 4K—with some scenes shot at up to 8K—the picture displays a surprising organic warmth and an unsurprising crystal-clarity in both real-world nuances such as pores and wrinkles as well as more fantastical bits like the texture and sheen of King Shark’s skin. In one of my favorite shots, the squad members emerge slowly from a thick wall of white dust, without a trace of halo or ringing. The Dolby Vision HDR works wonders with the image, particularly the nighttime sequences when small patches of brightness cut through the inky dark, or when the multi-hued thingies on The Thinker’s noggin really pop in a smoky nightclub scene. Colors dazzle across the board, particularly in the distinctive green walls of the presidential palace, the deadly Skittles of Polka-dot Man’s unique super-power, and even a certain vibrant pink and blue monster set against drab military uniforms and locations. And of course the blood… so much blood.

There’s no shortage of destruction in The Suicide Squad, and the Dolby Atmos soundtrack celebrates every hunk of debris in motion. Explosions and crashes go right for the gut with ample LFE, gunshots and punches have a palpable crack, while rain and thunder play well in the overhead speakers. In one particularly creepy moment late in the story, a group of prisoners in an elaborate cage moan all around us to chilling effect. Gunn is true to his trademark fondness for pop tunes, which are mixed and integrated well here. The Suicide Squad will be perfectly enjoyable at a typical volume level, but cranking it loud makes it even more awesome.

The 4K disc carries an audio commentary with the enthusiastic

Mr. Gunn, along with one of the four scene breakdowns that can be found on the bundled regular HD Blu-ray of the movie. Here you’ll also find eight deleted/extended scenes, an equally mature-audience gag reel, and several brief behind-the-scenes featurettes. A 4K Movies Anywhere digital copy code is provided, unlocking these video extras in addition to an exclusive music clip.

The Suicide Squad was another of Warner’s day-and-date theatrical/ HBO Max releases for 2021, and so it might not have gotten all of the attention it deserved. It’s not a perfect film, certainly, with logic that sometimes strains credibility and plot detours that hinder the pacing, but this is one of the best examples yet of comic-book hyper-reality brought to life with verve, panache, and no apologies.




模糊了续集,重启和重制之间的界限,自杀小队相当跳出屏幕,DC电影宇宙中经常明显缺乏的东西:一种乐趣感。由詹姆斯·古恩(James Gunn)编剧和导演,在他被漫威的《银河护卫队》系列解雇后(以及在他被重新雇用之前),自杀小队兴高采烈地以各种可以想象的方式拥抱过剩。它的血腥,语言和裸体被评为R级,但很少错过暂停和欣赏这一切荒谬的机会 - 与2016年无趣的前身相比,这是一个巨大的色调转变,简称为"自杀小队"。

再一次,桶底的坏人和女孩被招募参加一项长期任务,以换取他们减少刑期的时间。现在,他们前往南美国家科托马耳他,摧毁一个拥有神秘海星计划的绝密装置,但老板阿曼达沃勒(奥斯卡奖得主维奥拉戴维斯)并没有给她的团队整个故事。伊德里斯·厄尔巴(Idris Elba)饰演Bloodsport,又名绝对不是威尔史密斯的死侍,尽管相似之处令人震惊。他是一支不情愿的打击部队的领导者,该部队还将啮齿动物的情妇Ratcatcher 2(Daniela Melchior),凶残的爱国和平缔造者(John Cena)和精神病精神病学家Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie)列入其人数。让羁绊、背叛和混乱开始吧!

《自杀小队》以奇怪的1.9:1宽高比呈现,顶部和底部使用黑条,这些黑条明显比更常见的1.85:1电影标准更厚。以数字方式拍摄并以4K完成 - 一些场景以高达8K拍摄 - 这张照片在现实世界的细微差别(如毛孔和皱纹)以及更奇幻的部位(如King Shark皮肤的纹理和光泽)中都显示出令人惊讶的有机温暖和毫不令人惊讶的水晶清晰度。在我最喜欢的一个镜头中,小队成员从厚厚的白色尘埃墙中慢慢出现,没有一丝光晕或铃声。杜比视界HDR在图像上创造了奇迹,特别是当小块的亮度穿过墨色的黑暗时,或者当The Thinker's noggin上的多色调的东西真正出现在烟雾缭绕的夜总会场景中时,夜间序列。色彩绚丽夺目,尤其是在总统府独特的绿色墙壁上,Polka-dot Man独特超能力的致命撞柱游戏,甚至是某种充满活力的粉红色和蓝色怪物,衬托着单调的军服和地点。当然还有血液...这么多的血。

《自杀小队》中不乏破坏,杜比全景声 (Dolby Atmos) 配乐歌颂了运动中的每一块碎片。爆炸和碰撞对肠道来说是正确的,有充足的LFE,枪声和拳头有明显的裂缝,而雨水和雷声在头顶扬声器中表现良好。在故事后期的一个特别令人毛骨悚然的时刻,一群囚犯在精心制作的笼子里呻吟着,直到令人不寒而栗。Gunn忠实于他对流行音乐的标志性喜爱,这些歌曲在这里很好地混合和融合。《自杀小队》在典型的音量水平上将非常令人愉快,但大声摇晃它使它更加令人敬畏。


Gunn先生,以及可以在电影捆绑的常规高清蓝光中找到的四个场景分解之一。在这里,您还将找到八个删除/扩展的场景,一个同样成熟的观众笑话卷轴,以及几个简短的幕后花絮。提供4K Movies Anywhere数字复制代码,除了独家音乐剪辑外,还可以解锁这些视频附加功能。

《自杀小队》是华纳2021年上映的另一部日间剧目/HBO Max电影,因此它可能不会得到应有的关注。当然,这不是一部完美的电影,其逻辑有时会使可信度紧张,情节迂回会阻碍节奏,但这是迄今为止漫画书超现实以活力,华丽和没有道歉的方式栩栩如生的最好例子之一。