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PSB PWM-1 On-wall Surround System

(April/may) On-wall speakers like the PSB PWM-1 can be an excellent option if you don’t want to dedicate your living room to a home theater audio system, but also expect dynamic and enveloping sound that’s a step above what you’d get from in-wall speakers. In his review of a full 5.1 PSB PWM-1 On-wall system, Michael Trei deemed it, “An excellent choice if you want a great-sounding speaker system for movies and music that won’t take over your room or your life.”

$6,193 (as tested).

IK Multimedia iloud MTM (April/may) Coming across as something of a desktop speaker system on steroids, IK Multimedia’s powered monitor turned out to be a great desktop audio option, but also one that held up well for far-field listening when placed on speaker stands. “For anyone seeking a powered solution for the desktop, or for an intimate, smallroom system, they earn my highest recommendation” commented reviewer Daniel Kumin.


Sonus faber Lumina Surround System

(June/july) Designed to appeal to a wider range of listeners (i.e., those with with real-world budgets) Sonus faber’s Lumina Collection is the Italian company’s most accessible speaker line yet. They may lack the curved all-wood cabinets of the brand’s higher-end offerings, but nonetheless exude the company’s characteristic high style, with real wood front baffles along with a leather cabinet wrap. As for the sound, reviewer TJN found the Lumina system to be “rewardingly neutral” on music, and “exceptionally dynamic, and well-balanced” on movies.


PSB Speakers Synchrony T600 (August/september)

With Canadian speaker maker PSB’S 50th anniversary on the horizon, the release of the company’s new Synchrony T600 tower is cause for celebration. “With its clear, dynamic sound and deepreaching bass, listeners with feet in both the stereo music and home theater camps will be wellserved by this revamped version of the company’s flagship,” said

TJN in his review.


KLH Model Five (October/november) With its cool, fully authentic vintage looks and clean, uncolored sound—

with solid bass!— KLH’S Model Five loudspeaker, a re-imagined version of the reinvigorated brand’s classic 1960s design, is a successful blending of the old and the new—new here meaning contemporary audio engineering practices. “An exceptional update to an iconic speaker design,” enthused reviewer TJN.

$2,000/ pair,

Canton Chrono 70 (February/march) After being missing from the North American hi-fi and home theater speaker market for over a decade, Germany’s Canton is back with a full line of loudspeakers, including the mid-range Chrono 70 tower. The Chrono 70 “delivers powerful sound with ease and represents a great value at its $2K price,” said MT in his review.



公安 PWM-1 壁挂式环绕声系统

(4月/5月)如果您不想将客厅专用于家庭影院音频系统,那么像PSB PWM-1这样的壁挂式扬声器可能是一个绝佳的选择,但也期望动态和包围的声音比您从入墙式扬声器获得的音效高出一步。在他对完整的5.1 PSB PWM-1墙上系统的审查中,Michael Trei认为,"如果你想要一个音响良好的电影和音乐扬声器系统,不会占据你的房间或你的生活,这是一个绝佳的选择。

IK Multimedia iloud MTM(四月/五月)作为类固醇上的桌面扬声器系统,IK Multimedia的有源显示器被证明是一个很棒的桌面音频选项,但当放置在扬声器支架上时,它也可以很好地进行远场聆听。"对于任何寻求桌面或私密小房间系统的强大解决方案的人来说,他们都赢得了我的最高推荐,"评论家Daniel Kumin评论道。


Sonus faber Lumina环绕声系统

(6月/7月)Sonus faber的Lumina Collection旨在吸引更广泛的听众(即那些拥有现实世界预算的听众),是这家意大利公司迄今为止最容易获得的扬声器系列。他们可能缺乏该品牌高端产品的弯曲全木橱柜,但仍然散发着该公司特有的高级风格,实木前挡板和皮革橱柜包裹。至于声音,评论家TJN发现Lumina系统是在音乐上"奖励中立",在电影中"非常动态,平衡"。


PSB扬声器同步T600(8月/9月)随着加拿大扬声器制造商PSB成立50周年的到来,该公司新的Synchrony T600塔的发布值得庆祝。"凭借其清晰,动感的声音和深沉的低音,在立体声音乐和家庭影院阵营中都有脚的听众将得到该公司旗舰产品的改进版本的良好服务,"他说。



KLH Model Five(10月/11月)凭借其酷炫、完全真实的复古外观和干净、无色的声音——

具有坚实的低音!— KLH 的 Model Five 扬声器是该重振品牌 20 世纪 60 年代经典设计的重新构想版本,是新旧融合的成功融合,新与新意味着当代音频工程实践。"这是对标志性扬声器设计的特殊更新,"评论家TJN兴奋地说。


Canton Chrono 70(2月/3月) 在北美高保真和家庭影院扬声器市场失踪十多年后,德国的Canton带着全系列的扬声器回归,包括中档Chrono 70塔。MT在他的评论中表示,Chrono 70"轻松提供强大的声音,并以2000美元的价格代表了巨大的价值"。