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one of the most beautiful things about photography 摄影最美丽的事情之一

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Ahead of her debut show, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno discusses her work:

“This is one of the most beautiful things about photography: to evoke feelings and situations in a way that is unconscious and a bit magical”

Where did your love for photographing people in public and on the streets first begin?

I started photographing eight years ago, when my daughter took me to my first photography class as a present for my 60th birthday. It was the summer of 2013, and the course was given by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb in Barcelona. “Oh God,” I replied to my daughter Gwen when she asked me to go, but I went for the fun of it. I had no idea how to use the camera and I was obviously the worst in the class, but for some reason I don’t know,

I really found it fascinating. It was very funny. I had never thought of doing photography, but something just clicked and I loved it.

Your images have such a consistent look. What is your favourite type of light to shoot in?

Visually, I am drawn to strong light and bold colours. I love the way strong light and harsh contrast transform a scene and layer it with mystery as much as I appreciate the strength of bold colours and the immediacy with which they can communicate emotions. I enjoy photographing in strong light because of the way it transforms the scene and loads the images with poetry and mystery through very graphic effects. I also enjoy the light at sunset because of its soft golden tones and the long shadows it creates. In my book on Ipanema, ÁguasdeOuro, the golden light was the predominant visual element, whereas for my new book, THIS PAGE: (Top) Sandra’s latest exhibition takes in Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach. (Above) Her photos capture the beauty of everyday life. (Bottom left) Sandra takes us on a journey through the remembrance of things past.

ScartidiTempo, I played with reflections and colours to enhance the mystery and mood of the scene.

How do you remain so undetected by the people you photograph?

I normally use a zoom lens, which allows me to photograph people from a distance and be undetected. I think being a woman helps, too, as people might feel less threatened by me, and they might accept my presence more

than that of a male photographer. While photographing on Ipanema for Águas

deOuro, I got closer to people and noticed that some of them were a little self-conscious at the beginning, but then carried on doing whatever they were doing without paying too much attention to me. Some other times, people were probably wondering what I was doing taking pictures of windows of shops and restaurants, and didn’t even realise I was capturing their reflections!

If you could carry one lens around for the day, which would it be?

I am drawn to situations both close to me and in the distance, so I use a 24-300mm zoom lens, which gives me a lot of flexibility. I feel comfortable using this lens, as I know what it can and cannot do, so photographing with it has become automatic. I can then be attentive to the scene around me and be more ready to capture moments.

Many of your photographs have quite an abstract feel, like slow shutter speeds, reflections and so on. Is this something you like to try?

For me, a photograph is good not because of what is in the frame, but because of where it takes you. I think this is one of the most beautiful things about photography: to evoke feelings and situations in a way that is unconscious and a bit magical. I do not have control over where the photos might take the viewers, so I think of my images as open-ended and free to be interpreted. That is why I try to increase the enigmatic quality of my photographs by experimenting with reflections and creating abstract images. The photos in Scartidi

Tempo are mostly reflections and composites for this reason.

What advice would you give to someone going out to shoot on the streets for the very first time?

To follow the light and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. I think that often, people put too much pressure on themselves when photographing, and almost forget that being on the streets looking for that special moment is an immense joy. I know it can be tiring and frustrating at times, but witnessing the beauty and poetry of the world, framing it with your own personal vision and sharing it with other people are gifts that we should never take for granted.

• Sandra Cattaneo Adorno debuts her first solo exhibition at the 6th edition of Personal Structures, which runs parallel with the 59th Venice Biennale on 23 April-27 November 2022. aguas-de-ouro

THIS PAGE: (Top) Sandra is fascinated by the way light, shadow, colour and form can create optical illusions.

(Middle) The colour plates (scarti) are separated into cyan, magenta, yellow and black. (Bottom) Through her photography, Sandra feels like she is accumulating “scraps” of time.

在她的处女之前桑德··讨论了的作品 "是摄影最丽的事情之识和点神奇的方式唤起感觉和"对在共场合和头拍摄人物的爱最初是从哪里开始的 年前我开始拍摄当时的女儿了我的摄影作为60岁生日礼物那是2013年的夏天课程Alex WebbRebecca Norris Webb巴塞罗那"上帝,"当我的女儿让我回答但我是为了不知道如何使用相机,然是班由于某种原因我不知道, 我真的觉得吸引人这很有趣从来没有想过要影,有些东西只是点击了喜欢它 您的图像具有如此的外观欢用种类型的光线拍摄?视觉我被强烈的光线大胆色彩所吸引我喜欢强烈的光线强烈的对比度改变场景赋予神秘的方式就像我欣赏大胆色彩的力量以及它们可以传达情感即时我喜欢拍摄因为它可以改变场景并通过非常图形化的效果图像加载诗歌神秘我也喜欢日落光线因为它柔和的金色色调创造阴影在我关于书中,ÁguasdeOuro,主要的视觉元素对于的新这个页面:(顶部桑德的最新展览里约热内卢海滩的照片捕捉日常生活的美丽德拉们踏上了忆过去的旅程。 ScartidiTempo,我射和色,强场景的秘感绪。么会摄的人如此不发现? 通常使用镜头这让我可以从远处拍摄人物而不会被发现认为做女人也有帮助,为人们可能会觉得受到我威胁更少,们可能会更多地接受我的存在。 摄影师还要多摄时 deOuro,人们注意到他们中的些人开始时有点自我意识但后来继续他们正在做的事情而没有关注他时候,们可能想知道我做什么,摄商店和馆的户,至没有意识到我正在捕捉他们的倒! 如果您可以随身携带一头,个?

我被靠近我和远处的情况所吸引所以我使用24-300mm镜头给了我很大的灵活性使用这个镜头我感到很舒服因为我知道做什么不能做什么所以拍照已经变得自动后,可以专注于周围的场景,备好捕捉瞬间。您的许多照片都有相当抽象的感觉例如速度反射是你喜欢尝试的东西吗对我来说张照片之所以不是因为有什么而是因为它把你带到了哪里我认为这是摄影美丽的事情意识有点神奇的方式唤起感觉无法控制照片可能会观众带到哪里所以我认为我的图像开放式可以自由解释这就是为什么我试图通过尝试反射创建抽象图像提高照片神秘质量Scartidi中照片由于这个原因,奏主要是反射和成。于第摄的人,什么建议?跟随光明不要害怕错误我认为很多时候人们在拍摄给自己施加太大的压力几乎忘记了在街上寻找那个特殊的时刻巨大的快乐知道有时可能会感到疲丧,睹世界的美丽和己的个人愿景来建它他人分享,些都是我们永远不应该认为理然的物。 桑德拉·卡·阿多(Sandra Cattaneo Adorno)2022423日至112759威尼斯平行的第"个人结构"首次亮相 (上德拉迷于式创造视觉错方式。(scarti)分为红色黄色黑色底部通过她的摄影,桑拉觉自己正在积累时间的""。