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FRENCH MASTERPIECE Beautifully curated interior projects by the celebrated designer Jacques Grange 法国杰作 著名设计师雅克·格兰奇精心策划的室内设计项目

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We step into rooms decorated by Jacques Grange, interior designer to great artists and tastemakers

Jacques Grange: Recent Work by Pierre Passebon (£60, Flammarion)


In 1990 Yves Saint Laurent called on Jacques Grange to design the interior of his villa in Tangier, Morocco. Jacques says, ‘The theme Yves wanted was that of an eccentric Englishman who had come to live there. He wanted chintz and one colour per room.’ The house has a modern Moorish style with elegant contrasts and here, a mirror with a shell-encrusted frame by Armelle Fabre, typifies Jacques’s signature touch.


The kitchen of Jacques’s own apartment in the heart of Paris is lined with exquisite antique blue and white azulejos tiles that he collected on trips to Portugal. He pairs them with 19th century-style chairs by celebrated interior designer Madeleine Castaing, an 18th-century Indo-portuguese ivory cabinet and a vase by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, illustrating Jacques’s unexpected yet delightful combination of different styles and periods.


The interior designer’s eclectic tastes are displayed here in his apartment with an understated combination of furniture and works of art from a variety of periods. His natural, ‘non-designed’ aesthetic, at once lavish and comfortable, is revealed through his unusual way of grouping objects, a masterful combination of materials and colours and an unparalleled attention to detail. The painting is by Maurizio Cattelan.


In the salon of his apartment, Jacques effortlessly mixes the simple with the sophisticated and understated, combining old-world luxury with contemporary art and design. Here, aristocratic refinement meets the eclecticism of an insatiable collector. As well as fine materials and craftsmanship, the space is filled with tangible mementos of places, artists and designers that have informed his creative universe. Jacques’s mastery of colour is displayed by the carefully considered placement of artwork against the pale walls, such as the citron-yellow painting by Carla Accardi surmounted by a pale-blue canvas by

Robert Motherwell. The armchair is by

Art Nouveau designer Francis Jourdain. →


On entering Pierre Passebon’s 1820s Directoire-era apartment in the centre of Paris – renovated in collaboration with Jacques – one is greeted by a spectacular 16th-century Italian marble fireplace carved in the form of a grotesque gaping mask. It is set in a chimney breast lined with French marble chequerboard tiles, the black and white motif inspired by Siena’s cathedral.

Pierre, an antique collector and art dealer, is the founder of the Galerie du Passage in Paris and this kind of aesthetic jolt in his own home speaks volumes about his eclectic tastes and his life’s work.


Jacques’s recent refurbishment of this elegant home in Florida is in the pure tradition of the glory years of Palm Beach elegance. Deeply sympathetic to the original villa, which was designed in

1929 in the Mediterranean-revival style, Jacques describes his intervention as having simply ‘refreshed’ the interiors. But this hardly does justice to the levels of light and colour he has infused into this luxurious house, with its vast array of imposing and eclectic architectural features, including elaborate wrought-iron balustrades and graceful colonnades. The furniture, palette and materials have all been chosen to harmonise with the garden and outside spaces. The entrance hall is dominated by the staircase with its imposing wrought-iron balustrade and a green divan sofa designed by Jacques himself.

法国杰作 著名设计师雅克·格兰奇精心策划的室内设计项目

们走进由室内设计师雅克·格兰奇Jacques Grange)装饰的房间,以及伟大的艺术家和品味创造者 Homes & Gardens 1 42022 Jacques Grange:Pierre Passebon的最新作品(60英镑,Flammarion) 茨迷人 1990年,Yves Saint Laurent要求Jacques Grange设计他在摩洛哥丹吉尔的别墅内部。雅说:"伊夫想要的主题是一个古怪的英国人,他来这里生活。他想要每个房间的钦茨和一种颜色。所房子拥有现代摩尔风格和优雅的比,这里,一面镜子与Armelle Fabre的镶嵌框架,代表了雅克标志性触感。 通 自己位于巴黎市中心的公寓的厨房里摆满了他在葡萄牙旅行时收集的精美的古董蓝色和白色azulejos瓷砖。将它们与著名室内设计师玛德琳·卡斯坦(Madeleine Castaing)的19世纪风格的椅子,18世纪的印度 - 葡萄牙象牙橱柜和瑞士雕塑家阿尔贝·贾科(Alberto Giacometti)的花配对,展示了雅克不同风格和时期的意外而令人愉快的组合。典与现代 室内设计师的主义品味在他的公寓中得到了展示,低调地结合了家具和各个时期的艺术品。他自然的"非设计"美学,既奢华又舒适,通过他不寻常的物品分组方式,材料和颜色的巧妙组合以及对细节的无与伦比的关注,现出来。幅画的作者是Maurizio Cattelan。 拘一格收藏家 在他公寓的沙龙里,雅毫不力地将简单与精致和低调融为一体,将旧世界的奢华与当代艺术和设计相结合。在这里,贵族的精致与贪得无厌的收藏家的折衷主义相遇。除了精美的材料和工艺,这个空间还充满了地方,艺术家和设计师的有形纪念品,这些为他的创意世界提供了信息。色彩的掌握体现在经过深思熟虑的艺术品贴在苍白的墙壁上,例如卡拉·阿卡迪(Carla Accardi)的柚子色画作,上面是淡蓝色的画布。

罗伯特·马韦尔。手椅由 新艺术风格设计师弗朗西斯·茹尔丹。→ 单色漫威 进入皮埃尔·帕塞邦(Pierre Passebon)位于巴黎市中心的19世纪20年代直时代的公寓(与雅合作进行了翻新),人们会受到一个壮观的16世纪意大利大理石壁炉的欢迎,该壁炉以怪诞的面具形式雕刻而成镶嵌在烟囱胸部,有法国大理石棋盘瓷砖,黑白图案灵感来自锡耶的大教堂。埃尔是一位古董收藏家和艺术品经销商,是巴黎通道画廊的创始人,他自己家里的这种美学冲击充分说明了他不拘一格的品味和他毕生的作品。节一切尽收眼底 最近对佛罗里达州这座优雅住宅的翻新工程秉了棕榈滩优雅辉煌岁月的纯粹传统。原来别墅深同情,该别墅的设计 1929年,克以地中海复兴风格,将他的干预描述为简单地"刷新"了室内设计。但是,这很难说他为这座豪华的房子注入了光线和色彩的水平,其巨大的气势磅礴和不拘格的建筑特色,包括精心制作的锻铁杆和优雅的柱廊。家具,调色板和材料都经过精心挑选,以与花园和户外空间协调。入口大厅以楼梯为主楼梯上有雄伟的铁栏杆雅克己设计的绿色沙发。