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Bedroom styling 卧室风格

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Bedroom styling

Mum of two and founder of Incy Interiors, KRISTY WITHERS , knows first-hand how quickly children grow and tastes change. Follow these simple tips to ensure your little ones don’t outgrow their bedrooms year-on-year.

Mother of two and founder of Incy Interiors, Kirsty Withers, shares some simple tips for parents to ensure their little ones don’t outgrow their bedrooms too quickly.

Furniture is everything

Investing in high-quality furniture is my number one tip. Given you are going to have it for several years, spending the extra money on something as important as a bed is worth it and will pay off when your little one can enjoy it for years to come.

Go removable

Decorating walls doesn’t have to mean expensive paint jobs – there are so many companies out there now that offer removable wallpaper and wall decals, and it’s only as permanent as you need it to be.

Embellish the walls

Adding artwork is one of the best ways for your child to feel like the space is theirs. Not only does it inject personality into the room, but can easily be updated as your child grows.

Keep your sheets plain

I always recommend that people stick with simple linen. It’s delicious to sleep under and a neutral, unpatterned colourway means decor can be interchanged without needing to overhaul every part of the room. It is also much easier to update with throws and cushions.

Bigger beds are better

If you want to avoid upgrading your bed every few years – and both your space and budget permits – consider purchasing a bigger bed from the beginning. Doubles are a great size for kids, not just because they give off ‘grown-up’ vibes that kids adore, but you are almost guaranteed a replacement won’t be necessary until they hit the mid-teens.

Quality bedding is worth it

Like good furniture, good quality bedding is also an investment – it’s comfortable and your little one will get to enjoy it for longer.

Storage solutions

Storage is often overlooked but regardless of age, you’ll always need somewhere to corral the clutter. A neutral storage ottoman or trunk is perfect for this.

Add personal touches

Your child’s bedroom should provide a haven for them to display items that they deem special. Gender-neutral themes and colourways ensure a bedroom’s longevity, but complimenting this with personal touches such as keepsakes or drawings will lend it individuality.

Throw in a chair

If you have the capacity, timeless pieces like a leather chair are a great addition. It gives your child a place to perch other than their bed, adds another layer to the room and is a chance to throw in extra textures with cute cushions and throws.

The KISS principle

The KISS principle (aka “keep it simple, stupid”) is my final piece of advice to ensure that you have a room that will stand the test of time. While aesthetics are important, your child’s bedroom should be practical too. They need room to play, learn, grow and to just be a kid – don’t overcrowd the space.


两个孩子的妈妈和Incy Interiors的创始人KRISTY WITHERS亲身了解孩子们的成长速度和品味变化。遵循这些简单的提示,以确保您的孩子不会逐年超出他们的卧室。HWK的家庭事务1 10月 2020两个孩子的母亲和Incy Interiors的创始人Kirsty Withers为父母分享了一些简单的技巧,以确保他们的孩子不会太快超出他们的卧室。家具就是一切投资高品质的家具是我的头号建议。鉴于您将拥有它好几年,将额外的钱花在像床这样重要的事情上是值得的,并且当您的小家伙可以在未来几年内享受它时,它将得到回报。可移动装饰墙壁并不一定意味着昂贵的油漆工作 - 现在有很多公司提供可拆卸的墙纸和墙壁贴花,而且它只是像你需要的那样永久。装饰墙壁添加艺术品是让您的孩子感觉空间属于他们的最佳方式之一。它不仅可以为房间注入个性,而且随着孩子的成长,可以轻松更新。保持床单平整我总是建议人们坚持使用简单的亚麻布。睡在下面很美味,中性,无图案的配色意味着装饰可以互换,而无需对房间的每个部分进行大修。使用投掷和靠垫进行更新也容易得多。床越大越好如果您想避免每隔几年升级一次床 - 并且您的空间和预算许可 - 请考虑从一开始就购买更大的床。双打对孩子们来说是一个很大的尺寸,不仅仅是因为它们散发出孩子们喜欢的"成人"氛围,而且你几乎可以保证在他们达到十几岁之前不需要更换。优质的床上用品是值得的像好的家具一样,优质的床上用品也是一种投资 - 它很舒适,你的小家伙会享受更长时间。存储解决方案存储经常被忽视,但无论年龄大小,您总是需要一个地方来收拾杂物。中性储物脚凳或后备箱非常适合此。添加个人风格您孩子的卧室应该为他们提供一个避风港,让他们展示他们认为特别的物品。中性主题和配色确保了卧室的寿命,但与纪念品或绘画等个人风格相得益彰,将赋予其个性。扔进椅子里

如果您有能力,像皮椅这样的永恒作品是一个很好的补充。它为您的孩子提供了一个在床以外的地方栖息,为房间增添了另一层,并有机会通过可爱的靠垫和毯子来投掷额外的纹理。KISS原则KISS原则(又名"保持简单,愚蠢")是我的最后一条建议,以确保你有一个经得起时间考验的房间。虽然美学很重要,但您孩子的卧室也应该实用。他们需要空间来玩耍,学习,成长,并且只是一个孩子 - 不要过度拥挤的空间。