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Reduced pages 减少的页面

2022-04-03 15:14:23 simyang 6

Reduced pages

▶ I’m sure you noticed in the last issue that we had less pages than normal. We do have less than our normal 100 pages in this issue also – total pages equals 84.

Why? I here you ask. Well, since the end of last year there have been paper shortages globally. The pandemic caused a drop in paper demand due to publishers either closing titles or reducing pagination of printed magazines/books, which resulted in some paper mills closing down. Those that did remain in business to supply paper are now overwhelmed with orders and can’t keep up with demand. Oh, and they have increased the prices too.

What didn’t help anyone was a strike at a paper mill in Finland at the beginning of this year which may still be happening. This put pressure on other mills, especially those in Europe, who then opted to increase prices further. And there is still, at the moment, a lack of paper stock available to all publishers.

CM publishers had to make a difficult decision to either raise the cover price or reduce pagination. So, I can only apologise at the moment and say hopefully the situation will be back to normal come the summer months.

In the meantime we had planned a special ‘bumper’ issue for the

May 2022 issue – that will still happen with a 116-page issue. Look out for our Top 50 Bargain Buys supplement we have for you – on sale from April 15th.


车机械师(英国) 1 42022 ▶ 我相信你在上一期中注意到我们的页面比平们在本期中也比正常的100页少 - 总页数等于84页为什么?我在这里你问。好吧,自去年底以来全球直存在纸张短缺。由于出版商关闭标题或减少印刷杂志/书籍的分页导致纸张需求下降,导致一些造纸厂关闭。那些仍然经营供应纸张的公司现在被订单淹没,无法跟上需求。,他们也提高了价格。任何人都没有帮助的是今年年初芬兰一家造纸厂的罢工,这可能仍在发生。这给其他工厂带来了压力,尤其是欧洲的工厂,他们随后选择提高价格。前,所有出版商仍然缺乏可用的纸张库存。 CM出版商不得不做出一个艰难的决定,要么提高封面价格,要么减少分页。以,我现在只能道歉,并希望情况在夏季恢复正常。此同时,我们计划了一个特殊的"保险杠"问题 2022年5月刊 - 这仍然会发生在116页的期刊留意我们为您提供的顶级50讨价还价补充 - 从4月15日开始销售。