Upper-Intermediate (B2)

图表5. 普通澳洲家庭能源使用与温室气体排放的关系

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The pie charts show the proportion of energy consumed for different tasks by average

households in Australia, as well as the subsequent greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, heating, water heating and other appliances rank first, both in terms of energy

consumption and emissions, while cooling and lighting do not contribute much to either.

The largest proportion of energy, 42%, is used for heating purposes, followed by water heating

which accounts for 12% less. The share of other appliances is more than twice as high as that of

refrigeration (15% and 7%, respectively). The proportion of energy used for lighting is 4%, which is

twice as high as that of cooling at 2%.

On the other hand, water heating is responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas

emissions at 32%, while that of other appliances is smaller by a narrow margin (28%). There is no

significant difference between the figures for heating and refrigeration (15% and 14%,

respectively), with lighting and cooling ranking last with just 8% and 3%, respectively.

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