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Spring heralds a fresh start to the year 春天预示着新的一年的开始

2022-04-03 12:04:06 simyang 1

Spring heralds a fresh start to the year. If you’ve had your camera mothballed over the colder winter months, now is the time to dust it down and start shooting again. The next month or so will bring plenty of seasonal changes as temperatures start to rise, delivering fresh photo opportunities every week. From capturing the sudden appearance of powerful purples in your garden, to the splash of wellies in puddles filled by April showers, there will be something to sate everyone’s artistic impulses. As well as nature waking up all around us, there’s also a chance to get creative over the Easter holiday with an eye-catching indoor session, where you can even eat your subject afterwards!

Over the following pages, we’ll explore lots of these fun and fulfilling projects that will ensure you make the most of your camera this springtime.