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Photo Opportunities 拍照机会

2022-04-03 12:01:47 simyang 2

Spring is finally here, and with it a great deal of fresh photo opportunities. Turn straight to our cover feature (page 50) for some fun and creative ways of shooting the icons of the new season. With techniques including refraction, silhouettes, water splashes, macro and more, there’s plenty to keep you busy over the coming month. Photo Active offers another appealing batch of projects to try today (p16), and there are so many inspirational images to savour from Travel Photographer of the Year, in Hotshots (p42), and the Sony World Photography Awards (p60). Leading pros to grace this issue include NationalGeographic legend Gerd Ludwig

(p120) and Sandra Cattaneo Adorno (p100), while Kevin Mullins takes us on a street shoot in sunny Bristol (p8). Camera fans can discover our initial reviews of two exciting new bodies, the Olympus OM-1 (p104) and the Lumix GH6 ( p108), plus we reveal our best-buy travelfriendly superzooms ( p112). Enjoy the issue.

春天终于来了,随之而来的是大量新鲜的拍照机会。直接转到我们的封面功能(第50页),以一些有趣和创造性的方式拍摄新一季的图标。通过折射,剪影,水花,宏观等技术,在接下来的一个月里,有很多东西可以让您忙碌。Photo Active提供了另一批吸引人的项目,今天可以尝试(第16页),并且有很多鼓舞人心的图像可以品尝到年度旅行摄影师,Hotshots(p42)和索尼世界摄影奖(p60)。本期杂志的主要专业人士包括国家地理传奇人物Gerd Ludwig。(第120页)和桑德拉·卡塔内奥·阿多诺(第100页),而凯文·穆林斯(Kevin Mullins)则带我们在阳光明媚的布里斯托尔(第8页)进行街头拍摄。相机爱好者可以发现我们对两款令人兴奋的新机身的初步评论,奥林巴斯OM-1(p104)和Lumix GH6(p108),此外我们还展示了我们最值得购买的旅行友好型超级变焦(p112)。享受这一期杂志吧。