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A snoop to glimpse nocturnal animal neighbors 窥探,瞥见夜间活动的动物邻居

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A snoop to glimpse nocturnal animal neighbors

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·        by PURBITA SAHA

1 Find a good perch

To mount the 8-inchtall device, hang it by its nylon strap some 3 feet off the ground, giving the wide-angle lens an ideal perspective. The AA batteries will provide power 24/7 for around 12 weeks.

2 Wait for evening

When an onboard infrared sensor detects motion within 80 feet and a temperature warmer than the air, it activates a night-vision camera. It then shoots video or 16-megapixel photo bursts.

3 Check your phone

A pair of cellular antennas uploads the files to cloudbased storage software. An algorithm automatically tags them by season, moon cycle, and subject—like turkeys, bucks, or does.

AFTER DARK, YOUR BACKYARD COULD transform into a buffet for elusive critters like foxes, owls, and even black bears. Whether your home is near suburban woods or a swampy jungle, a Moultrie XA-6000 camera will capture the evidence in HD. The gadget links with a phone app that’ll let you know when something is afoot. Here’s what’s going on under its weather-resistant shell.


找到一个好的鲈鱼要安装8英寸设备,请将其悬挂在离地面约3英尺处的尼龙带上,为广角镜头提供理想的视角。AA电池将在大约12周内全天候供电。2 等待晚上当机载红外传感器检测到80英尺以内的运动并且温度高于空气时,它会激活夜视摄像头。然后,它会拍摄视频或16百万像素的照片连拍。3 检查你的手机一对蜂窝天线将文件上传到基于云的存储软件。算法会按季节、月亮周期和主题自动标记它们,例如火鸡、雄鹿或火鸡。天黑后,你的后院可以变成狐狸,猫头鹰甚至黑熊等难以捉摸的小动物的自助餐。无论您的家是在郊区树林附近还是在沼泽丛林附近,Moultrie XA-6000摄像机都将以高清格式捕捉证据。该小工具与手机应用链接,该应用会在事情发生时通知您。这是在其耐候性外壳下发生的事情。