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  • Family      Matters by HWK

  • 1      Oct 2020

  • Natarsha      Brown and the team at HWK

We are lucky enough to be living in one of the world’s most coveted travel destinations. While travel restrictions remain ever-evolving, why not make the most of these unusual times by exploring our big, beautiful backyard? This issue, we scoured the Land Down Under for the latest experiences for families, from a new underwater museum on the reef to swimming with dolphins off the coast of WA.

Stepping indoors, we ask the founder of Incy Interiors for some tips on how to style your kid’s bedroom so that they won’t outgrow it too quickly and chat to a leading dietician about the insider hacks that will lead to a better night’s sleep for all ages. Also, we have debuted a new section this issue called ‘In the kitchen’, in which we will continue to cover a range of fabulous recipes.

You may have noticed that our ebook looks a little different this issue? Welcome to our new-look

Family Matters by HWK. The same inspiring content but a new and improved style. We hope you think it looks as fabulous as we do!


Natarsha Brown和HWK的团队 我们很幸运能够生活在世界上最令人垂涎的旅游目的地之一。虽然旅行限制仍在不断发展,但为什么不通过探索我们大而美丽的后院来充分利用这些不寻常的时期呢?本期,我们搜索了Land Down Under,为家庭提供的最新体验,从礁石上的新水下博物馆到西澳海岸与海豚一起游泳。 踏入室内,我们向Incy Interiors的创始人询问了一些关于如何设计孩子的卧室的技巧,这样他们就不会太快长大,并与领先的营养师聊聊内幕黑客,这些技巧将使所有年龄段的人都能睡得更好。此外,我们在本期杂志中推出了一个名为"在厨房中"的新部分,我们将继续介绍一系列精彩的食谱。 您可能已经注意到我们的电子书看起来有点不同这个问题?欢迎来到我们的新面貌 HWK的家庭事务。同样鼓舞人心的内容,但新的和改进的风格。我们希望您认为它看起来和我们一样美妙!