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​From paddock to plate 从围场到盘子 来自乡村调味品制造商Barker's New Zealand的大量美味必备配料和馅料是食品储藏室的必备品。

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From paddock to plate

The huge – and scrumptious – range of essential toppings and fillings from country condiment-maker Barker’s New Zealand is a pantry must-have.

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  • 1      Oct 2020

Discover the huge and delicious range of essential toppings and fillings from family-owned Barker’s New Zealand.

Nestled at the foot of New Zealand’s Southern Alps in the lush Canterbury region, Barker’s has been operating on the original family farm for the past 50 years. Three generations have operated the farm, and it’s no wonder – wouldn’t you want to work in a spot this picturesque? On the rolling pastures beside the Te Moana River, the Barker family has been producing jams, wines, sauces and jellies in a way that can only be done in a place like this.

Preserving fruits grown on the farm was a passionate hobby of family matriarch Constance Barker, a skill that she passed on to her only child, Anthony, during the wartime years. In fact, innovation and resourcefulness seem to be in this family’s blood. Not only did Anthony take over the farm, but he also tinkered in his free time. A chilly camping trip and an improvised fire served as inspiration for him to redesign the wood stove in the mid-1970s. In 1978 wood-heater manufacturer Kent picked up the design and began manufacturing the Kent-barker log fire.

But Anthony’s main focus was always the farm. After years producing country wines from wild elderberries and fresh juices from a seemingly endless supply of blackcurrants, he launched a range of preserves in the 1980s.

Fast-forward to the present day, and Anthony Barker’s early range of preserves has expanded into a behemoth collection of jams, curds, chutneys and even compotes (similar to a jam but cooked to maintain the fruit’s texture), along with a brand-new range of dessert sauces.

场到盘子自乡村调味品制造商Barker's New Zealand的大量美味必备配料馅料品储的必备品

索来自家族拥有的Barker's New Zealand的大量美味必备配和馅料Barker's坐落在新西兰南阿尔卑斯山脚下郁郁葱葱的坎特伯地区,在过去的50年里一直在原来的家庭农场经营。三代人经营这个农场, - 你不想在风景画的地方工作蒂莫阿纳河(Te Moana River)旁边连绵起伏的牧场上,巴克家族一直在生产果酱、葡萄酒、酱和果,而这种方式只能在这样的地方完成。 保存农场种植的水果是家族族长康斯坦斯·巴克(Constance Barker)的热情爱好,她在战时将这项技能传给了她唯一的孩子安东尼。事实上,创新和足智多谋似乎存在于这个家庭的血液中。安东尼不仅接管了农场,而且还在空闲时间进行了修补。一次寒冷的营旅行和一场即兴的篝火为他提供了灵感,让他在1970年代中期重新设计了柴炉。1978年,材加热器制造商肯特(Kent)选择了该设计,并开始制造肯特-巴克原木火。 但安东尼的主要关注点始终是农场。过多年从野生接和看似无穷无尽的黑醋栗供应中生产乡村葡萄酒后,他在20世纪80年代推出了一系列蜜饯。 快进到今天,安东尼·巴克(Anthony Barker)的早期蜜饯列已经扩展到果酱,凝乳辣酱甚至蜜饯类似于果酱,但煮熟以保持水果的质地的庞然列,及一系列全新的甜点酱。