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New law means no more phone distractions 新法律意味着不再有手机干扰

2022-04-03 15:21:42 simyang 6

New law means no more phone distractions

  • Car      Mechanics (UK)

  • 1      Apr 2022

▶ New laws come into effect this month banning drivers from using their phones to take photos or videos, play games or scroll through music playlists while on the road.

It’s already against the law to use handheld devices for texting or calling while driving – unless it’s an emergency – including while in traffic or at traffic lights. Fines for breaking these driving laws stood at £60 when introduced in 2003, rising to £100 per offence in 2013 along with three penalty points.

As of Saturday 25th March, the additional measures are set to remove any ambiguity over digital devices in the car for drivers. A GEM Motoring Assist spokesperson said: “The updated law removes any opportunity to interpret what’s allowed and what’s not. If you’re holding a phone while driving – and that includes when you’re stopped at lights or in a queue – you can be prosecuted.

“That’s why we want to be sure every driver gets the message: any activity involving a mobile phone at the wheel is a potentially fatal distraction. So if you’re tempted to pick the phone up on a journey, please think again. Do the responsible thing and don’t risk your own life – or someone else’s – by selfishly using a hand-held phone while driving.”


车机械师(英国) 1 4 2022 ▶ 新法律本月生效,禁止司机在旅途中使用手机拍照或录像、玩游戏或滚动浏览音乐播放列表。驾驶时使用手持设备发短信或打电话已经违法 - 除非是紧急情况 - 包括在交通或红绿灯处。反这些驾驶法的罚款在2003年推出时为60英镑,2013年上升到每次违法100英镑,并有三个款点。 自3月25日星期六额外的措施将消除驾驶员在车内数字设备上的任何歧。GEM Motoring Assist发言人说:"更新后的法律消除了任何解释允许和不允许的机会。果你在开车时拿着手机——包括当你在车灯前或排队时——你可能会被起诉。 "这就是为什么我们要确保每个司机都能得到这样的信息:任何涉及方向盘上的手机的活动都是一种潜在的致命分心。因此,如果您想在旅途中拿起电话,请三思后行。做负责任的事情,不要冒着自己或别人的生命危险,在开车时自私地使用手持电话。