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​Buying, Owning: Honda Jazz 购买,拥有:本田爵士

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Buying, Owning: Honda Jazz

Much loved, reliable and now dirt cheap to buy. So what’s not to like about this clever, Swindon-built mini MPV?

Jazz is stylish inside, though generous use of hard-wearing plastic is evident.

While not as funky or quite as fashionable as other city cars like the Fiat 500, the second-generation Jazz is neat looking, good to drive and dirt cheap to own. Moreover, it’s roomier, quicker and more civilised than its still popular predecessor. Despite its diminutive size, it’s also surprisingly practical thanks to its ingenious ‘magic’ seats that lift, flip and fold for ultimate versatility. And that high roofline means even rear seat passengers won’t feel cramped.

The Mk2 Jazz went on sale here in 2008 with the choice of either a 1.2 or 1.4-litre petrol engine. In truth, the latter’s only 1339cc so there’s not a huge difference in performance or economy. Manual transmission was standard though Honda offered its ‘i-shift’ semi-automatic ’box as an option on the 1.4 from early 2009.

Trim levels included the S and SE with the smaller engine, and ES or EX on the bigger unit. There was also the sportier looking manual-only Si which boasted firmer suspension, sharper steering, special ‘Chronos’ 16in alloys, Si embroidered carpets, a different grille and a rear spoiler.

The Jazz was treated to a makeover in early 2011 – revised bumpers front and rear, tweaks to the suspension and a less plasticky looking interior. At the same time, the generally unliked i-shift transmission was replaced by a more conventional CVT setup. An auto-only hybrid version made an appearance at this time, too, with trim levels mirroring those of the other models. It’s best described

as a mild hybrid, though, because it can’t run on battery power alone.

Like the previous Jazz, rock solid reliability is at the core of why you’d want to buy one. Having said that, as we’ll discover, with the altogether better Mk2 it’s no longer the prime consideration.

The independent parts prices quoted here are courtesy of and apply to a 2009 1.4 ES.


As you would expect, very few things go wrong with the Jazz. The recommended service interval is every 12,500 miles or 12-months and because all Mk2s employ timing chains there’s no cambelt to worry about.

Rough running could be a clogged

EGR valve; and the generally accepted procedure here is to remove it and clean because replacements are a lofty £555.59 from Honda. Jerkiness could also be due to the fact that the spark plugs haven’t been replaced at the recommended 25,000-mile interval – something that could have been overlooked previously as there’s eight of them.

There’s been reports of noisy gearboxes and iffy synchro in and out of second gear has resulted in a replacement gearboxes being required but we suspect the incidence of this is rare these days.


The Jazz’s tidy handling can be spoilt by worn bushes, so expect to replace them on one that’s spent its life negotiating potholed town roads and countless speed bumps. Rear wheel bearings can become noisy on high-mileage examples but worry not because they’re available at £101.95 via

There’s been reports of failed rear dampers but again they’re not dear from independents and there’s even scope to fit uprated ones should you so wish.

Uneven tyre wear will inevitably be as a result of out of kilter suspension geometry – a common affliction for cars

that are likely to have been kerbed often during their town centre escapades.

Some Jazz owners have reported power steering problems and often it’s something as simple as the ECU that’s at fault which is under £20 secondhand.

There’s scope to make the appearance and surefootedness of the Jazz better; Progressive Parts stock Eibach 30mm lowering springs for the car (set of four) at £200.37.


The Jazz has discs front and rear and assuming they’re in good shape they should pull it up swiftly and in a straight line.

Honda issued a recall in June 2010 for cars made between February and April 2010 concerning a pin in the brake pedal mechanism, so owners of affected cars should check the necessary work has been done by a main dealer.

As you can see from our price comparison, brake parts aren’t dear – and there’s scope for making quite a saving by shopping independently. Also, there’s room for upgrades too with the ultimate being a six-pot conversion kit boasting 286mm grooved and vented front discs and braided brake lines for £973.50 from Bigbrakes4u. A cheaper and more realistic alternative for the common man (or woman) is to fit EBC Greenstuff front pads, which are £76.34.

Other issues

Despite being relatively new, rust can be an issue on the Jazz so check for early signs of corrosion underneath and treat accordingly before it gets any worse.

Being such a compact engine bay, beware of cars with aircon issues; access is tight so tracing leaks can be a real headache. For the record, replacement

aftermarket (NRF) condensers are £157.75 via

The only other issue to watch for concerns the door locks so ensure they all operate as they should.

And that’s really all there is to know about the Jazz. See, it’s true, it rarely goes wrong!


深受爱,可靠,现在买起来很便宜。么,有什么不喜欢这个聪明的,斯温顿制造的迷你MPV呢? 汽车机械师(英国) 1 4 2022 Ian Cushway搜索新零件和二手零件价格 士乐内部时尚,尽管大量使用耐磨塑料是显而易见的。 虽然不像菲亚500等其他城市汽车那样时髦或时尚,但第二代Jazz外观整洁,驾驶良好,拥有起来很便宜。此外,它比它仍然受欢迎的前更宽敞,更快,更文明。尽管尺寸很小,但由于其巧妙的"魔术"座椅,它可以提升,翻转和折叠从而实现终极多功能性因此也令人惊讶地实用。此高的车顶线意味着即使是后座乘客也不会感到局促。 Mk2 Jazz于2008年在这里上市销售,可以选择1.2升或1.4升汽油发动机。事实上,后者只有1339cc,因此在性能或经济性方面没有太大差异。动变速器是标准配置,尽管本田从2009年初开始在1.4上提供了"i-shift"半自动"盒子作为选项。 装饰水平包括S和SE与较小的发动机,以及ES或EX在较大的单位。有看起来更运动的动Si,它拥有更坚固的悬架,更敏锐的转向,特殊的"Chronos"16in合金,Si刺绣地毯,不同的格栅和后扰爵士在2011年初进行了改造 - 修改了前后保险杠,悬架进行了调整,内饰看起来不那么塑料。同时,通常不太可能的i-shift变速器被更传统的CVT设置所取代。此时仅限自动的混合动力版本也出现了,其装饰水平反映了其他车型的装饰水平。是最好的描述 是,作为轻度混合动力车因为它不能仅靠电池供电。 像以前的Jazz一样,坚如磐石的可靠性是您想要购买的核心。虽如此,正如我们将发现的那样,对于完全更好的Mk2,它不再是首要考虑因素。处报出的独立零件价格由 供,适用于2009 1.4 ES。 动机 正如你所料,爵士很少会出错。议的维修间隔为每12,500英里或12个月,并且由于所有Mk2都采用正时链条,因此无需担心凸轮暴的运行可能会堵塞 废气再循环阀;这里普遍接受的程序是将其移除并清洁,因为更换是本田的555.59英镑。动也可能是由于火花塞没有在建议的25,000英里间隔内更换 - 这在以前可能被忽视,因为有八个火花塞