Intermediate (B1)

10. A Comparison Between College Life and High School Life

2022-04-10 17:18:00 simyang 2

I thought college would be very difficult compared to high school. I thought college would be over baring and a tremendous amount of work. Also I thought soccer and homework would take up all my time and I would not have any time to socialize. I had a dream one night and thought the students here were going to be rude and only into themselves. Also the destination was in the middle of nowhere so I thought there wasn't going to be anything to do in Alfred.

At night I would dream about how I would play soccer in college. I would sometimes watch college soccer on TV and think how difficult it would be for me to play. I was so nervous to play with college soccer players, but once I started playing with the team here, I felt confident about making the team at tryouts. Also I thought the coach was going to be very hard to please, but he is an easygoing coach. My first practice with the team was difficult. The team did a lot of running and we worked on dribbling the ball up and down the field. I felt like I was ready to play because I was playing a lot in the summer with my high school team. I thought I would have a starting position on the team when I arrived at Alfred. At Alfred, I practiced and played hard, and so when I got in a game, I played well. So the coach saw I was trying to get in the starting lineup, and finally the third game of the season I was starting. I was so ecstatic to play. I thought my classes were going to tougher and more demanding then they are. Also I thought I was going to fail in college because I am not a strong student.

Once my teachers handed out the syllabuses, I saw the class outline and said to myself, I could do the work. I was able to hand in all my assignments and essays when they were due. I didn't know how my teachers were going to be or what I expected from them. At my first class I knew I could do the work in each of my classes because the essays were not difficult and I did not get a lot of work from them. Also I thought I would be studying for hours every night. Now I realize I could study for an hour every night in each subject and get good grades. In high school I barely studied and received A's and Bs. I was not taking easy courses in high school, but the teachers knew I was trying my best and I received a good grade on all of my work.

I have so much fun with my friends back home. We use to do the funniest things. Sometimes I can be goofy and I didn't know how the students here would react to that. The soccer team and the people in my dorm act the same way I do so I didn't have a problem making friends with them. Since there was nothing here in Alfred, I thought the students would be quite and into themselves, but they are not. The students are just like anyone else. They are not boring and they like to have fun. Those are the type of people I want to be friends with. I wasn't sure how many friends I would make, but now I have a lot of friends and I am happy about it. I thought college would be much more difficult compared to high school, but it really isn't.

The hardest part of college is being accepted by the school. Once your accepted, the work really is not that hard. I feel my high school prepared me for college and the future.